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    Captive Works rq-sssp-client

    Captive Works rq-sssp-client
    For Captive Works rq-sssp-client


    here is the softaware for card sharing that is being used on captive works units

    what is rq-sssp-client?
    by raton_craquero

    rq-sssp-client is a multi-platform client that enables SSSP capable receivers (such as some CaptiveWorks models) to be used as a softcam or card sharing client (to rqcs or any other cs server supporting the Newcamd protocol). To work, it requires a standard null-modem cable connected from a SSSP capable receiver to a supported platform device.

    rq-sssp-client runs on the following platforms:

    - Windows PC, Linux PC (x86)
    - Dreambox (all models, PPC & MIPS)
    - Triple Dragon
    - DGStation Boxes (Relook, Mutant, CubeCafe) and
    - ST40 Boxes (Kathrein UFS 910/IPBOX 9000HD)
    - WRT54G Linux routers and compatibles (BCM947XX)

    here are some possible setups:

    1. CaptiveWorks receiver connected to a PC's serial port (running windows or linux) using a null-modem cable, the pc connecting wired or wirelessly to your local network and then to a local or remote server.

    2. CaptiveWorks receiver connected to a Dreambox's (or any other supported linux box, read the readme file) serial port using a null-modem cable, the dreambox connecting to your local wired network and then to a local or remote server. The server can be running on the Dreambox itself with a card in its slot.

    3. CaptiveWorks receiver connected to a modded WRT54G router with null-modem cable, and the WRT54G in turn connecting wirelessly to your local network.
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