Nfusion nova, solaris and phoenix on private

Thread: Nfusion nova, solaris and phoenix on private

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    Nfusion nova, solaris and phoenix on private

    C/P: Credit goes to Pivot.

    1. Open the Loader 1.1 and Load boot_r3x_to_g3x_v1.33.bin in BOOT mode TWICE...
    on the second occasion it will show ne-nu on the receiver. Ignore this.
    2. Load 081121_borisT4.bin in MAIN Mode Once.
    3. Close the loader and open Cheditor _v16c.exe and load the appropriate channel list TWICE.
    4. Finally Open Loader 1.1 and load T54.bin in MAIN mode.

    When finished, connect to TV and Start receiver, and do what has to be done to change from PAL to MULTI.
    Press Menu>Down Arrow>OK>Down Arrow>Left Arrow (Twice) and it will be a blue screen with MULTI showing. Go one Up arrow to Language and change all to English other than the last INVISIBLE. Also change Time to suit your area. EXIT.


    Now you will be in Sever Setting Page.

    In this case, all entries are made like before - (no more F2 and Green button)

    1. Server Address: enter - server name like for nfps. Exit to save.
    2. Go to User name: enter your access code/username. Exit to save.
    3. Go into Password: Press OK. enter your access code/password. Exit to save.
    4. Go to DES Keys: enter the correct Des Key like 6103403445406970987123412134 for nfps. Exit to save.
    5. Go to Port1 and enter the server's port like 10010 for nfps. Exit to save.

    Now reboot from the rear switch.
    Press SIZE button on the remote to stop scroll.
    Now go to Menu>Internet>Newcamd and change OFF to ON. Press exit.
    Now go to any channel you prefer. International or otherwise.

    Enjoy your Internationals and your other channels. Plus PPV channels.

    EDIT: Loader 1.1 is NOT a virus. Some anti-virus can give a false positive. In that case disable it before using.
    Also, the PDF instructions may be old, but give a detailed description on changing from PAL to MULTI
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    Re: Nfusion nova, solaris and phoenix on private

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    great work
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    Channel list

    3 different channel lists:
    Custom channel list for regular lnbs for 119/118/110
    DP channel list for 119/110
    DP with DP34 channel list for 119/110
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