At times when providers modify their autoroll mechanism you need to be able to turn off Autoroll and enter the newest keys manually.

Here is the sequence for the Blacklist and clone safe versions.

Enter the menu Parental Control -> Second PIN (enter 0000 or whatever PIN you used). This is the CAS SYSTEM screen. Move to Autoroll option and turn OFF the provider (DN/Bev/Globecast) for your system. Be sure to leave the Keycode ON. Return to the CAS SYSTEM screen and select Nagravision 2.

Next find the correct provider (DN is Provider ID 01 01/ Bev is Provider ID 09 01) using the Left/Right pointing keys on the remote. Move to the Key Number field. The values here are 00 and 01. Select which key needs updating (either Key 00 or Key 01) and move to Key Data field. The alphabetical codes are entered using the bottom two rows of the remote which correspond to A B C followed by D E F. On the screen there is a reminder of which remote key corresponds to codes.

Enter the new correct key (double check it matches) and press OK to store new key. Exit menu system and watch tv. It may take a few seconds for the picture to come in. Enjoy.