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Thread: Key Decoder: Find new keys yourself

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    Key Decoder: Find new keys yourself

    I have noticed that the autoroll works execpt for first to digits,and that if you add +4 to fist digit and +1 to second digit it's the correct keys.
    ex(B9) would be (FA)
    so when keys go down turn on autoroll let it cycle once go back in menu turn off autoroll again and change first to digit's as above

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    Re: Bin 294t and key morphing

    I have ben looking at how my two FTU's role. This theory only worked once. I also saw that someone only had two add 8 to the first number of there keys. I think that it is GREAT that I only need to look up and enter the first two numbers. It feels like the programers are getting close to getting these FTUs to role. A good key gabber is all a person needs. I have three programs. It only takes two mins. to look up and enter. then my son is back watching TV.

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    Re: Bin 294t and key morphing

    I was off on my first post i have done some more research and found a post on another site that is dead on used it 3 time's now worked every time

    The following changes to be applied to the fist number of Key 00 and first number of key 01. The change to the first digit is different from change to 2nd digit.

    1st digit of 1st number
    0 to 3 – add 4…..4 to 7 – subtract 4
    8 or C - change it to C or 8…….9 or D - change it to D or 9
    A or E - change it to E or A……B or F- change it to F or B

    2nd digit of 1st number
    0 or 3 change to 3 or 0…..…1 or 2 - change to 2 or 1
    4 or 7 change to 7 or 4…..…5 or 6 - change to 6 or 5
    8 or B change to B or 8…..…9 or A - change to A or 9
    C or F change to F or B…..…D or E - change to E or D

    Again, same changes to the first number of key 00 and key 01

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    Re: Bin 294t and key morphing

    We just had a key role. I tryed your system. It worked before my keygrabers changed. I will try it again next time. Thank you for this.

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    Re: Bin 294t and key morphing

    Now after doing this alot now, I can say that it really works well. I had to make a key decoder that makes it easy to look up the code change. My Friend that is not very good at changing keys can do this. Remember to have AUTO ROLE (OFF). When the keys role, do not do anything until it goes back to 0% and starts over. Here is the key decoder for the first set of digits that make it easer for changing the codes. This is just a simple way to look at what was posted earlier by AMAUTO (thanks). I think that this thread name should be changed so that everyone can see it.

    First digit // Second digit
    0 to 4 //// 0 to 3
    1 - 5 //// 1 - 2
    2 - 6 //// 2 - 1
    3 - 7 //// 3 - 0
    4 - 0 //// 4 - 7
    5 - 1 //// 5 - 6
    6 - 2 //// 6 - 5
    7 - 3 //// 7 - 4
    8 - C //// 8 - B
    9 - D //// 9 - A
    A - E //// A - 9
    B - F //// B - 8
    C - 8 //// C - F
    D - 9 //// D - E
    E - A //// E - D
    F - B //// F - C

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    Re: Key Decoder: Find new keys yourself

    I changed the thread title and I am going to move this to the keys forum.

    Please, DO NOT PM admins/mods for personal support. Keep posts here in the Forums instead and we all learn.

    Any questions you have will get a good answer as long as you have followed the forum rules and shown you have tried to help yourself. Your questions are clear and contain as much relevant info as possible, especially error messages and solutions you have tried.

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    Re: Key Decoder: Find new keys yourself

    Hi. Does this decorder hint work for xtreme too? I'm a rookie and need help THANK YOU.

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    Re: Key Decoder: Find new keys yourself

    This system of Key morphing has not worked in a long time so disregard

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