In Regards of the Pansat 2500a Fix
We would like the Pansat 2500A users to be aware support for this unit will be longer to update then anticipated due to the lack of the flash Rom memory . If users do not wish to wait we would suggest to upgrade your units. Note the 2500A will be supported but in time the units (2500A) will phase out be and remembered as the...."Pansat Work Horse" .

2500a Flash Memory 1 MByte 5 years supported
2700a Flash Memory 2 MByte
2800a Flash Memory 2 MByte
3500s Flash Memory 2 MByte
250sm Flash Memory 8 MByte Seven times more the space of the 2500a
5000 Flash Memory 4 MByte
6000hxc Flash Memory 4 MByte
9000 hd Flash Memory 8 Mbyte Seven times more the space of the 2500a