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Thread: Boot 7-5

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    Boot 7-5

    Boot Upgrade Full Kit Including Remapping locals.!
    Boot upgrade Guide for 2700A/E models from current b-70 to b-75.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    =INSTRUCTIONS ================================================== ===============

    1. Connect null modem cable from PC to receiver.

    2. Open new [ Blacklist STB Updater Version 27.02 X-87BL.exe]. <--(Included in a Zip File)

    3. Click Select File and open Boot_2700A (b75) _ (07)0310 new boot file. <--(Included in a Zip File)

    4. Turn the receiver power ON and click Write File and wait until Download Completed OK will appear.

    5. Front LED will display moving b-7-5 left to right if upgraded succeeded.

    6. Open new api bin file matching with b75 boot version, <--(Included in a Zip File)
    (Any api version dated on or after Mar 10, 2007 and click Write File.
    Wait until Download Completed OK appears.
    Front LED will display b-7-5 and channel number will appear shortly.
    If your receiver is in Factory Default Condition, front LED will appear ON shortly.
    8. 2700A/E (IR) all models can be applied.

    =NOTE(S) ================================================== ===================

    1. Old version v27.01 will not work.

    2. b75 boot upgrade needed only one time for each Receiver.

    =WARNING ================================================== =================
    Do not interrupt the main power until download completed OK
    appears on the PC screen. It may damage the receiver seriously.
    If download fail appears, check the api bin file date if it is old version
    before Mar 10, 2007. It should be Mar 10, 2007 or after dated one.We add

    Remapping locals in this boot upgrade.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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