Coolsat 6000 Norw 137 20061209

Thread: Coolsat 6000 Norw 137 20061209

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    Coolsat 6000 Norw 137 20061209

    COOLSAT 6000 fix as of 2006-12-09

    COOLSAT 6000 v137 12-09-2006
    1. Local Channel renumbering
    main menu->Installation->Options->Renumbering Local CH
    And select "Stats" and City/Area
    From CH1 to 99, local channels will be renumbered.

    2. AutoRoll fix(Stable)

    3. Different types of DiSEqc switch proved

    4. Satellite List Echo 6/8-> Echo 8/10

    5. NFL ready by softcam.key update.

    And lots of internal proof for making it the most stable.

    Warning: Use at your own risk!
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