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  1. U.S. man balloons across English Channel
  2. New York beach tops 'Best Beaches' list
  3. Woman sues airline for leaving her asleep in seat
  4. It is raining oil in Florida
  5. Study shows 'gaydar' may be real
  6. Doctor slams hospital's 'please' policy
  7. Stranded cuts down power poles, gets help
  8. Colorado seeks missing moon rocks
  9. Man shot self in privates at store
  10. Stolen wallet back after 21 years
  11. Job posting excludes unemployed
  12. France pursues U.K. underwear market
  13. Corpse flower blooms, stinks up the place
  14. Sex shop owner throws in towel
  15. Social networking, sans clothing
  16. Mich. balks at issuing PINUS license plate
  17. Rower Roz completed trans-Pacific voyage
  18. Group holds 'whores' day in Australia
  19. Clinton sends queen early birthday wishes
  20. Most shark attacks, Sunday, new moon
  21. Man sues over wrong-country deportation
  22. Refugee corrects birthday after 10 years
  23. 127 mph motorcyclist faces 10 charges
  24. Raccoons remove locked recycling bin lids
  25. 100 pagans in British armed forces
  26. World's biggest burger: 210 pounds
  27. Study: Modest men seen as less likable
  28. 54-year-old gives birth to twins
  29. GM retracts 'Don't say 'Chevy''
  30. Bad 'hair' day for Fiorina?
  31. Oldest Calif. one-room school closing
  32. Stolen bike returned to autistic girl
  33. Catholics upset at Mother Teresa 'stiff'
  34. Man says gun made him robbery target
  35. One acre of pot found at Uganda convent
  36. Too much odor in suburbs' natural gas
  37. Palin implant rumors hit blogs
  38. 'Sun Hat Bandit' suspect in custody
  39. Group promotes cycling by riding naked
  40. With bra or without, attorney denied entry
  41. Ooh-rah! USMC Mud Run draws 4,500
  42. It's a steal -- mansion reduced to $16M
  43. Once again, horses prove faster than men
  44. Police: Man thought house was B&B
  45. Hundreds riding Pony Express trail
  46. Dual intersection's long waits vex drivers
  47. Deer crashes through restaurant
  48. Home Depot workers wed in store
  49. Two arrested after Wendy's food fight
  50. Nude 'Male Copywriter' wins two Webbys
  51. Police: Car burglar left phone behind
  52. Canada auctions jewelry, underwear
  53. South Dakota, others auction animal parts
  54. Churchill museum picture missing cigar
  55. Soldiers prefer buttons to Velcro
  56. William and Harry visit snakes in Botswana
  57. Boy's bottled message found 125 miles away
  58. Woman shot shoulder; doctors left sprain
  59. Police: Boy, 14, took bus for joyride
  60. 'Corpse plant' nears stinky bloom
  61. Police visit hotel on karaoke call
  62. Police: Woman dumped liquids on books
  63. Deputies find goat in trunk at checkpoint
  64. Man allegedly made up beer theft story
  65. Math teacher adds up 75 years in classroom
  66. Teen helps deliver baby sister on birthday
  67. Money seized from mayor's prison account
  68. Stripping sailor turned over to captain
  69. Pub waxing event nearly takes testicle
  70. Patriotic hat banned due to plastic guns
  71. Bird dog points out loose gator in Ohio
  72. Classmates object to food fight penalties
  73. Postman finds 4-foot snakeskin on route
  74. Fishermen spot periscope off So. Florida
  75. Vatican pays tribute to 'Blues Brothers'
  76. Interest growing for noisy soccer horns?
  77. Most expensive model car costs $3 million
  78. Man arrested after bus fight over pants
  79. Sharriff boogies at home after 55 years
  80. U. of Illinois cancels $98,000 sculpture
  81. Five 'Blackhawk Road' signs stolen
  82. TV auction includes 'Bozo' memorabilia
  83. Grave sites empty, remains found in home
  84. Racing tugs to take to Detroit River
  85. Man virtually unhurt when train hits car
  86. Robbers target Fla. ice cream vendor
  87. Tiger, 2 camels missing in Canada
  88. Ducks bring freeway traffic to halt
  89. Pet Parade: Dog owners' not-so-secret dirty mission
  90. Band playing 29 NYC pianos in one day
  91. Festival aims for pirate record
  92. Town law would ban 'annoying' singing
  93. Apartment kids hold butterfly funeral
  94. Turnout high at National Hollerin' Contest
  95. Police investigate 'mummy,' child-biting
  96. Several stung by bees from parked truck
  97. Teens find, return $7,700 in cash
  98. Woman set office fire to go home early
  99. Woman mailed animal parts to rival
  100. Man charged with $33,000 tie theft scam
  101. Girl, 9, helps stop purse snatcher
  102. Parents fight at kindergarten graduation
  103. Man mauled by bear after lightning strike
  104. Driver found drinking in crashed car
  105. Police: Burglar fled on getaway mower
  106. 'Inebriated' man floated mile into gulf
  107. Dog jumps into car, runs over owner
  108. Police no fans of nuisance rapper
  109. Australian crocodile bites shark in two
  110. $196,000 pedestrian crossing unusable
  111. Veteran journalist now a HS graduate
  112. Deputy allegedly faked accident
  113. Robbery made up to hide strip club visit
  114. Police: Internet date ended in car theft
  115. Men steal truck of Victoria's Secret goods
  116. Dog rescued by soldier makes it to U.S.
  117. Carry-on rejected, woman injures officer
  118. Diabetic runs cross country -- literally
  119. N.Y. couple wed in 'piano' ceremony
  120. Chihuahua mix takes 'Ugliest Dog' title
  121. British home for sale; artwork comes free
  122. Lost cockatiel is back home -- maybe
  123. Monroe chest X-ray auctioned for $45,000
  124. N.C. man named top thinker in U.S. contest
  125. Woman fell 3 stories, then went to sleep
  126. Police: Teen thief sought clean panties
  127. Mountain lion spotted on golf course
  128. Police: Ex-roomie broke in, took nap
  129. Police: Drunk couple put bayonet with kids
  130. Bribery suspect threw $320,000 from car
  131. Wild bull runs loose
  132. Next up: License plate ads
  133. Beaver statue yanked as suggestive
  134. Artist paints giant flag mural in Texas
  135. Every day is 'Flag Day' for Maryland man
  136. Zombies from far and wide party in Seattle
  137. Shark bites fisherman removing hook
  138. Mass. troopers deliver parking-lot baby
  139. Tiger Woods Sex Jokes Never Get Old
  140. Illegal labels claimed in FDA cafeteria
  141. Stolen pill bottles full of M&M's
  142. Python found in school locker
  143. Police: Woman catches peeper on video
  144. Police: Teeth a sex for money dealbreaker
  145. Police: Man took tractor to buy beer
  146. Mich. kids celebrate Mud Day
  147. Police: Man threw tantrum over brandy
  148. Police: Man strapped drugs to genitals
  149. Woman detained due to similar apron
  150. Wisconsinites spit crickets at fair
  151. Police: Man tried to smuggle pot into jail
  152. U.S. weddings at retail stores rising
  153. Officials built toilet jetty for gulls
  154. Child accompanies Mom on robbery
  155. Kitten survives China-Canada shipping
  156. Suit: Ex-hubby bugged wife's car
  157. Canadian runners turn to 'barefoot shoes'
  158. Octopus predicts Spain World Cup victory
  159. Man spends day explaining knighthood
  160. Police: Drunk man took mower on highway
  161. Court: Simulated sex not sex
  162. Swedish high court may hear bird case
  163. Bail jumper gets 6 more months
  164. Bus driver alerts 2 families to fire
  165. Poll: Women change hair 100 times
  166. Expert: 'Chupacabra' a coyote-dog hybrid
  167. Owner covers historic house in graffiti
  168. Measure cites non-existent mayor's powers
  169. Porky Pig attack alleged at Six Flags
  170. Police: Man repeatedly crashed into pump
  171. Los Angeles considers rave ban lift
  172. Police: Car crashed during sex act
  173. James pendant, bought for $5, worth $10K
  174. 8,000 in Baltimore get incorrect tax bills
  175. Tire tracks lead to stolen motorbike
  176. Fear that 'couples' hotel may bring crime
  177. 71st wedding anniversary approaches
  178. Junk mail quickly fills senior's home
  179. Celebrities due unclaimed cash in New York
  180. Bedbugs discover Victoria's Secret
  181. UFOs in China cause flight delays
  182. Museum offers $10,000 to stay 30 days
  183. Grieving Florida dog owner warns of crocs
  184. 30-year-old Macaw stolen from home
  185. Pet Parade: Puppy mills and pet stores under a microscope
  186. McGovern to parachute on 88th birthday
  187. Food bank mistakenly gives out dog food
  188. Woman finishes Ohio River charity swim
  189. Disabled rooster loses fight for home
  190. 3-year-old reads, gives medical advice
  191. Stylists create hair cars, motorcycles
  192. Ohio testing 'green' highway noise wall
  193. Eating enthusiasts compete at wedding
  194. Triple-pincer lobster caught on video
  195. Sailing man uses trunks to flag down help
  196. Palin compares self to Shakespeare
  197. Police: Woman hid sandwich in pants
  198. Man detained at airport with 18 monkeys
  199. Police: Man enraged by hug refusal
  200. 'Field of Dreams' farm for sale
  201. $2.5M sought in stolen Cubs tickets suit
  202. Japanese PM's wife criticizes him in book
  203. Lego set sales spike after Beckham mention
  204. Huge hoard of Roman coins ruled treasure
  205. Police: Man broke into bar, served patrons
  206. Smart phone, really dumb thief
  207. Woman ticketed for milkshake toss
  208. Missing man crushed to death in trash compactor
  209. Guest requests getting outrageous at hotels
  210. Police: Vuvuzela led man to attack bar
  211. Eye-rolling woman kicked out of meeting
  212. Nude photo sent to girlfriend's mom
  213. Man gets 90 days for tarantula theft
  214. Pennsylvania 'kidnap' meant for YouTube
  215. 'Flying Pasties' for full-body scans
  216. Church of Sweden considers swearing fines
  217. Canopy to be erected to catch pigeon poop
  218. Orszag serenaded by heckler
  219. Zebra-donkey hybrid born at preserve
  220. Police had to pay to arrest at fair
  221. Candidate taped pulling up opposing signs
  222. 'Illegal alien crossing' signs removed
  223. Bear raids third-floor apartment trash
  224. Cheerleader tackles 6-foot theft suspect
  225. Police, organizers discuss pot convention
  226. What's nickname for Washington, D.C.?
  227. Man restores totem pole, avoids charges
  228. Dachshund floors pedal, crashes car
  229. Woman ticketed while fixing flat
  230. Man admits swallowing USB drive evidence
  231. Judge tosses saggy pants summons
  232. Teens robbed while buying pot
  233. Money-happiness ties depend on definition
  234. Suit claims rough citizen's arrest
  235. Teen charged with pawning mom's jewelry
  236. Rowers break record crossing Atlantic
  237. Waitress bags alleged dine and dash man
  238. South Dakota hailstone sets U.S. record
  239. 'Bikini baristas' increase coffee sales
  240. Man ate aircraft
  241. Churchill's dentures fetch nearly $24,000
  242. Dog chews off Michigan man's toe, saves his life
  243. Dad not fast enough in maternity dash
  244. Puppeteers bury $10,000 in New York
  245. Turkey makes fans, trouble in Ill.
  246. Superman saves day for foreclosed family
  247. Caiman captured in Maryland
  248. Gravestone prank hits after 3 decades
  249. Krispy Kreme burger headed to Wis. fair
  250. Man: Air horn retaliation for loud music