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  1. Organicgirl baby spinach recalled
  2. Brushing lowers risk of heart disease
  3. Dangerous bacterium hits Phoenix area
  4. Firm loses a ton of weight, literally
  5. TV ads promote unhealthy foods
  6. Antidepressants, miscarriages linked
  7. Low muscle mass ups diabetes risk
  8. What to do if a tooth is knocked out
  9. Family dinner is alive and well
  10. Need for psychiatric outreach at disaster
  11. Antidepressant linked to cataracts
  12. Depression therapy, drugs similar results
  13. Some Pa. facilities not emergency-ready
  14. Trained parents help autistic children
  15. U.S. cigarettes highest in carcinogens
  16. Jennie Garth promotes Web heart makeover
  17. One radiation dose urged in breast cancer
  18. 'Advergames' can promote unhealthy food
  19. Public smoking bans effective for youth
  20. Tweens and teens need sun protection
  21. Only some ER keyboards really germy
  22. Heart deaths in Australia peak in winter
  23. Post-IVF abortions on rise in Britain
  24. At-home workers take on more hours
  25. Gates Foundation gives $1.5B for health
  26. Dentists screen for child sleep disorder
  27. Eating disorders, genes, hormones linked
  28. Early to bed = Better readers
  29. Uninsured more likely to die in hospital
  30. New fire code based on World Trade Center
  31. Political party choice steeped in biology
  32. Pecans: Handful a day keeps aging at bay
  33. Why coffee may help prevent diabetes
  34. Gender roles may emerge through parents
  35. Community effort lowers stroke rate
  36. Night shift never gets enough sleep
  37. Child obesity linked to domestic violence
  38. Strangers influence dating preferences
  39. Videoconferencing next best to being there
  40. Lower cholesterol increases lifespan
  41. Mothers' childhood troubles affect infants
  42. Report: Italy lags in beach water quality
  43. Scientists work on tissue regeneration
  44. New type of human stem cell is developed
  45. Psychological therapy aids bowel disease
  46. Drug trial shows promise in ovarian cancer
  47. Military not following 'brain test' order
  48. Voters want attractive, mature candidates
  49. Debate over drugs may really be about sex
  50. Pack medical travel assistance on vacation
  51. Get sunglasses that protect eyes
  52. Female anti-rape condom has 'teeth'
  53. Study: Majority favor paid sick days
  54. Soldiers with migraine may sleep poorly
  55. Cellphone towers not linked to cancer
  56. Filtering may make transfusions safer
  57. Tests help predict falls in Parkinson's
  58. Lack of REM sleep linked to migraine
  59. 5 dead in Calif. whooping cough outbreak
  60. Study: Folate may aid spinal cord healing
  61. U.S. ranks last in study on healthcare
  62. Economy may affect arthritis treatment
  63. Study: Spending cuts can increase deaths
  64. Study: Spending cuts can increase deaths
  65. Iron overload, eye disease may be linked
  66. 90 percent of Americans eat too much salt
  67. Alcohol, some drugs bad for breastfeeding
  68. Pre-emptive prostate pain prevention works
  69. Nurse says fired for being mental patient
  70. Mold in home worsens asthma in some
  71. Arthritis: Treat early, aggressively
  72. Chef: Outdoor cooking needs safety
  73. Red wine could slow eye disease
  74. Surgeons enter brain through eyelid
  75. Odd smell prompts Kellogg cereal recall
  76. New test may reveal 'birth deadline
  77. Vietnam defoliant tied to thyroid disease
  78. Weight worries can lead to depression
  79. Study: Too much sugar in toddler foods
  80. Study: New drugs may come from deep ocean
  81. Caregiving: Fireworks and PTSD
  82. Group proposes dementia bill of rights
  83. Pain Foundation releases back pain guide
  84. Survey: Rainy, hot weather = more sex
  85. Prenatal secondhand smoke lasts lifetime
  86. Inactive white women most apt to be obese
  87. Colo. calls for meningitis vaccinations
  88. Hand washing improves drinking water
  89. Study: Cycling healthier for all
  90. Doctors call for federal tobacco strategy
  91. Brits drinking, eating more, smoking less
  92. Many worldwide lack surgical access
  93. Don't let food poisoning ruin picnic
  94. Early retiree health insurance assistance
  95. Babies born after IVM may be bigger
  96. MS depression may be rooted in biology
  97. Drug Web sites may not be that helpful
  98. Transient kidney failure not so bad
  99. Pfizer gets EU approval for kids' cholesterol drug
  100. TV, video games may rob students of focus
  101. Top executive pay = Meanness to workers
  102. Many simply don't understand grammar
  103. Later school start time: Better behavior
  104. Marijuana pain relief without side effects
  105. Pollution may not up pre-eclampsia risk
  106. Water boosts alertness, aids weight loss
  107. Menopause doesn't change sex as thought
  108. Child abuse tied to later mental disorders
  109. Ready Pac recalls certain spinach salads
  110. Disease detection in the palm of your hand
  111. Stimulating life may slow cancer growth
  112. British healthcare system reorganizes
  113. Stemming advanced prostate cancer growth
  114. Alzheimer's patients have muted emotions
  115. British Columbia drops generic drug prices
  116. Mental health issues, 1 in 5 preschoolers
  117. HPV may boost skin cancer risk
  118. Wrist fracture a major setback for most
  119. Device could warn driver: Curve ahead
  120. Therapist competence key for some
  121. The ongoing global impact of Framingham
  122. Blood thinners may help some bed-ridden
  123. S.C. girl, 10, dies of amoebic infection
  124. Johns Hopkins Hospital ranked U.S. best
  125. Death risk double for obese men at age 20
  126. Interferon may help stop asthma
  127. Malaria medicine cited in illnesses, death
  128. Houston team trains for artificial heart
  129. FDA warns of stolen inhalers' safety
  130. 'Universal' flu vaccine being developed
  131. New children's hospital for Montreal
  132. Study: 'Out-of-hours' babies at risk
  133. Miami issues dengue fever advisory
  134. Carl's Jr. testing foot-long cheeseburgers
  135. Obesity drug fails to win approval
  136. Teen binge drinking now, thin bones later
  137. Waterborne illness costs $539M per year
  138. Golfers: Up putts with a 'Quiet Eye'
  139. Half worldwide don't get enough vitamin D
  140. Apathy, depression linked to dementia
  141. Behavioral intervention to cut heart risk
  142. 'Five second' rule on dropped food unsafe
  143. States cutting home care for elderly
  144. Cutting salt via processed foods suggested
  145. Walk-in centers offer shorter wait times
  146. AAA discounts also healthcare-related
  147. Cigarettes plus wood smoke may = COPD
  148. California city approves marijuana farming
  149. Pool disinfectants may affect health
  150. Patients may ask for different ER doctor
  151. Waist, blood fat indicate heart risk
  152. More induced preterm births in obese moms
  153. Tinnitus linked to prolonged cellphone use
  154. Can Your Sunscreen Cause Skin Cancer?
  155. Full face transplant Spaniard displays new look
  156. Vancouver man bitten, denied rabies shots
  157. Heeding the lessons of Hurricane Katrina
  158. Poll: Seniors know little about reform law
  159. Bad contact lens compliance causes ER trip
  160. Spring light influences teen sleep
  161. N.H. ranks at top of child wellness list
  162. Dental gel could end dental drill use
  163. Survey: More patients seek cardiologists
  164. Helping cancer patients return to school
  165. Stigma keeps many from mental health help
  166. Low-risk prostate gets aggressive therapy
  167. Affectionate moms = better coping children
  168. NYC to use low-sulfur oil, improves health
  169. Physicians often misjudge patient beliefs
  170. CPR without mouth-to-mouth advised
  171. New lab test for Fragile X syndrome
  172. Motivating men to be tested for cancer
  173. EPA releases cataract prediction
  174. White House to take healthcare to TV
  175. Ramadan plays havoc with bood donations
  176. How to avoid the 'freshman 15'
  177. Resting brain linked to fibromyalgia pain
  178. Research links chemical to cognition
  179. Colon cancer blood test more economical
  180. Floridians warned of dengue mosquitoes
  181. Addictive Internet Use Tied to Depression in Teens
  182. Survey: More favor restaurant smoking ban
  183. Study: Smokers can 'out-think' cravings
  184. Medical pot at center of California battle
  185. Salmonella outbreak prompts recall of 228M eggs
  186. Dark chocolate may lower heart risk
  187. Energy drink caffeine = 14 cans of Coke
  188. Breast cancer yoga improves recovery
  189. Early teen sex, media not linked
  190. Car booster seats prevent child injuries
  191. CDC: U.S. teen vaccination rate increased
  192. Trauma care effective, and cost-effective
  193. Isotope shortage evokes medical concerns
  194. Lack of B vitamin linked to dementia
  195. Study: Motor vehicles make Americans fat
  196. Spouses don't become more alike in their personalities
  197. A man dubbed "Hippo Man"
  198. Pa. firm recalls 8,500 lbs. of beef
  199. Man gets new kidney in transplant 'chain'
  200. Legionnaires outbreak points to Fla. hotel
  201. Chronic pain sufferers helped by marijuana
  202. Most disadvantaged, African-American men
  203. People happiest/saddest from relationships
  204. How the hearts of triathletes adapt
  205. Mystery eye problem at dairy show caused by cow urine
  206. Farmer's 24 hour milk filling station a hit
  207. E. coli halts sales of Leadbetters burgers
  209. Public health involves personal choices
  210. U.S. research spending stagnant since 2005
  211. Thoughts of time inspire socializing
  212. Physical beauty favored everywhere
  213. Cheap weight loss program effective
  214. Doctors may be misusing cancer guidelines
  215. NYC program helps teens lose weight
  216. Robot-assisted prostate surgery effective
  217. More tissue taken from breast tumor better
  218. Vitamin B lack linked to Alzheimer's
  219. Most pro athletes don't drink enough water
  220. New counters may use light to fight MRSA
  221. Lou Gehrig's disease registry created
  222. Five deaths prompt food factory closing, recall
  223. Brains of new moms actually grow
  224. Dogs may help children with autism
  225. Temperatures keep body clock in sync
  226. Inflammation fighter: Black rice bran
  227. Falling in love: Same as cocaine euphoria
  228. Biomarkers can identify kidney disease
  229. Old Halloween candy can make you sick
  230. Patients will not have to pay co-pays
  231. Middle-age smoking increases dementia risk
  232. Why you should stop eating sugar now
  233. Few want doctors deciding life or death
  234. Health insurance co-payments may disappear
  235. Chinese Mandarin Oranges
  236. Aspartame To Be Added To Following Foods (Codex!)
  237. Mercury is good for you! -US Mainstream Media Report, HOW STUPID ARE THE PUBLIC
  238. Pain management help for U.S. soldiers
  239. Maternal separation, cancer risk link
  240. Eat This Sauce to Stop a Silent Killer
  241. 3 Foods for Super Health
  242. Choose This Creamy Breakfast, Be Sneeze-Free
  243. Next big thing? Cholesterol drop with new drug
  244. 3 Steps That Keep Your Joints Healthy
  245. Foods cuts risk Disease-cancer Free Stomach
  246. Increase HDL Cholesterol
  247. carrots- cancer-fighting beta carotene
  248. How Your Rear End Helps You Live Longer
  249. Eat This Carb to Prevent Strokes
  250. WHO claims gains in global fight against malaria