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What the Heck.!!

What the Heck.!!

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Hi Everyone. I really can't believe people think that intelligent beings from another world would build a spaceship, travel 100 million light years to get to planet earth and then stay for a couple minutes and then disapear. Really, come on guys. There has to be a better explanation than that. Now for the "Evans Theory": this makes much more sense than anything I have heard yet and I don't know why anyone else hasn't thought of this. Mankind has advanced so much in the last 50 years it is scary. Computers that used to fit into a house now fit into your hand, what took minutes for a computer to do 10 years ago now take miliseconds. How much do you think computers and man will advance in the next thousand or ten thousand years? I think what we are seeing are those people from the future coming back to view us in some sort of time machine. Probably some sort of compartment they can get into and zoom back into the past, probably in some sort of halographic form. I mean think about it, with the advancements we have made so far in the few years since the computer age started, doesn't it make sense that it would be easy for the people of the future to figure a way to view the past? I don't know if people will ever be able to came back physically, but to capture light from the earth bouncing off distant planets, would enable them to see us as we are today and them to appear as if they are here in front of us. That is why we have never really captured a UFO, is because it is hard to capture a halogram. I think the government knows this and I also think the people of the future have been able to communicate with the govenrment, but that is a secret the the government does not want the public to know. Sometimes I think my safety is endangered for writing this, lol, but it needs to be researched. I'm not writing this to step on anyones toes, so please read this with an open mind.
Thankyou sincerely,

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  1. tbhatti's Avatar
    Hi Everyone, Looking for some help, have no clue how these receivers work. I have a nano2 receiver. wants to download the new file on it and also looking for the loader. I do not know where to find them. Please help!!!!!
  2. mikellewen's Avatar
    Beam me up Scotty LMAO;; j/k I year ya e1.

  3. Batman's Avatar
    I totally agreed with you. That's the only logical explaination. E1, if you have time go visit unhypnotize.com the sister site of PbP. You belong there. Or whatever you are smoking, I want some too.
  4. miguelsimon's Avatar
    Not the only, but logical explanation it is