How To Get Rid of "Stuck" On Boot/Captain 8k HD


If you Find yourself stuck on boot mode or ---- as a display and the receiver is not responding

Follow the steps below and with some luck you will be fine

1 ) First Off Unplug the receiver and let it sit for 5 minutes

2 ) While you are Waiting for that download the latest Captain 8000 HD Factory flash

3 ) Download Latest Captain_Loader_v1.25

4 ) After the 5 minutes connect the receiver to your PC using the Null Modem Cable And open Captain_Loader_v1.25
5 ) Select your serial port and select and select file the file you are selecting will be Captain 8000 HD Factory flash
6 ) Toggle the receiver power On And Wait for Upload to the receiver
commences If you are lucky it will start almost immediately If not and
you get no error message Wait for a few minutes as it is tryingto
cumincate with the receiver.

If After a few minutes ( 5 ) there is still no progress bar flip the
power toggle on the back On and Off and wait For a few seconds If you
see No Progress Bar Do the last step again Flip The power On and Off
With some Luck and Hope You will see the progress bar and your Receiver is writing the Factory Bin

7 ) Wait Until The Receiver has completly rebooted itself

8 ) Once rebooted do a factory Default

9 ) Turn the Power Off with the Power Toggle On the back

10 ) Downlaod a fresh copy of the Latest Third party bin Captain 8000 Files

11 ) Format your USB Stick FAT or FAT32

12 ) Extract the latest 3rd Party File to your desktop

13 ) Drag and drop the .bin file to our USB Stick ( wait till it is comletly transfered to your USB )

14 ) Insert The USB into your Captain8000HD and Power the receiver up using the Power Toggle on the back of the receiver

15 ) When the receiver has completly rebooted it will have a popup
screen asking if you would like to Upgrade to the latest file Select OK
with the remote. Wait Until it has completley Loaded and rebooted
itself before pulling the USB stick out

16 ) Go Watch Some TV and Enjoy

end c/p