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Thread: CW 700s

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    CW 700s

    Hello Everyone!

    Great site and thank you for all of the great tutorials...

    This message is in regard to Captive Works 700s.

    Working great until the latest updates...

    Ive downloaded the new factory file for my Captive Works 700s, and new bin... 02-27-09. I had to reload everything so...Loaded all channels and set up sats...now nothing...
    FTA channels are comming in however nothing else... When [i] double checked all the instructions the Antenna Setting & sat configuration, I did notice this one difference from the settings suggested in set up manual posted here.

    Under the Antenna Settings:

    SAT name 17.EchoStar 7 (119W)
    all settings perfect untill the Found message... The satellites seem to be backwards?
    It says; Found EchoStar 6,8 (110.0W) on the Echo Star 7sat.

    And the reverse is true when I switch sat to Echo Star 6,8 the found message says it found the Echo Star 7 sat. Other than that I am looking for a possible solution...

    I have also updated to the new EPG guide layout in settings...

    Also enabled patch...

    Should I clear all settings and do a factory default???

    Looking for a solution...a simple one, hopefully...


    PS. If the Wizard is reading could you please disregard the message I sent you on your profile... I did not know where to contact you...[/FONT]

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    Re: CW 700s

    You send me a message and I anwser you go read ..............

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