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    French president promises law to make viewing "hate sites" an offense

    Posting maybe but viewing? Then again guilty till proven ino french federal law
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    [Tip:] Is there faster way to copy files in windows 7?

    Robocopy that's a good one
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    Visiting Mod

    Welcome visiting mod
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    Messing With Old People

    Haha too funny hahhha
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    Ease of reading

    Yes it is agred
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    limesat port problem

    This site is good for help
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    Hello from Bath , England

    Hello in bath
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    hi, camd on traxis dbs 6000hd

    Pleae5op any success?
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    4DTV C-Band

    Anyone still using in 2017 what channels birds and transponder what about star choice to 4dtv?
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    Russia pushes for UN resolution on cyberspace

    Russian chicks are either v hot or very ...
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    US-Australia military pact deemed to cover cyberspace

    A shrimp on the barbie
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    U.S. needs to be on-guard for a big cyber-attack

    They're incompetent