1. peterc


    Hi guys bit of advice/help needed, i have an AZ premium plus box linux HD and i need to put softcams in can anyone tell me how plese? peterc
  2. the doctor

    Torch cams to give masses views from Lady Liberty (AP)

    AP - Give me your tired, your poor — your Internet-connected masses yearning to see. Lady Liberty is getting high-tech gifts for her 125th birthday: webcams on her torch that will let viewers gaze out at New York Harbor and read the tablet in her hands or see visitors on the grounds of the...
  3. S

    I want to buy a camcorder. Should I buy a Hard Disk Carmcorder or DVD camcorder?Video quality is top priority?

    I am planning to buy a camcorder for personal use. If i buy a Hard Disk Camcorder and transfer the video to DVD, will it differ in quality when compared to Video that is directly recorded to DVD in a DVD camcorder. Also, throw some light on the maintenance issues.
  4. L

    What is a good camcorder for recording my bands shows and practices?

    I've been looking into buying a camcorder to record my bands shows. I need something 125$ or less. I really want something that has good audio (obviously) and can capture a good picture in dark places. The venues I play in tend to be dark. I have been looking at Aiptek camcorders but I'm...
  5. A

    Paralyzed man allegedly stalked online

    Paralyzed man allegedly stalked online LOS ANGELES, (UPI) -- A California paraplegic used his computer skills to get video of girls and women in sex acts and blackmail them into sending him more, the FBI said Tuesday. Luis Mijangos was charged in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, the Los...

    SBCL 1.16 Emunatioc-Sc

    :)What a cool new trick. Took a little bit of screwing around at first, but it works like a charm. Download the SBCL and unpack it to where it will live, there is no install. I used the EmuNation-sc rev 941.4 plugin files, copy those over the SBCL plugin files, and I had to install the Visual...
  7. B

    Very Good Read Concerning N3

    Very Good Read Concerning N3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just read this off another site and haven't seen it here so I'm posting it for all of you to read it. It's by far the best read I've read so far concerning N3 and where we are. Now...

    New MApcall Glitch in the stream asof 4:14 CST The reason for freezing

    New MApcall Glitch in the stream asof 4:14 CST The reason for freezing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i just found this it might explain the freezing, Ok guys, this can show you the reasons why some recievers have started freezing up, or have...

    [Warning!] Viewsat ordered to preserve TSOP's of all units sent in for repair

    Viewsat ordered to preserve TSOP's of all units sent in for repair WARNING!!! Viewsat ordered by court to preserve TSOP's of all units sent in for repair. What this means is that if a 3rd party bin is in the unit, the TSOP will reveal that fact. Viewsat must then, by court order, list and...
  10. CASPER

    Satellite Testing Lingo & Common Terms

    Antenna - Satellite Dish BUD - Big Ugly Dish LNB - Low Noise Block converter LNBF - LNB Feedhorn - Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) and many Ku (FSS) dishes use an LNBF, which integrates the antenna's feedhorn with the LNB. Small diplexers are often used to distribute the resulting IF signal...
  11. CASPER

    DVBViewer Pro 3.9.4

    DVBViewer Pro 3.9.4 =================== General ------- - New: new Video On Demand Filter (VOD). - New: Version of the DVBSource filter added. - New: DesktopTV: Changed the DesktopTV method to work with vista64. - New: Recently used Channels list (deutsch: Kanalhitparade) does show...
  12. soubi

    Softcams for sonicview

    Softcams for 3/15/2008 9 28 02 PM Generated using CompleteKeys and User.exe add-on NO RISK NO GAME
  13. A

    Gemini 4.10 for DB500

    "Here is the latest Gemini Image. Load as per normal. Go to the link provided below, (change the xx to tt), this site is SECURE and all files are uploaded and checked by ME. hxxp:// Gemini v4.1: Technical Infos: * Enigma of...
  14. A

    Gemini 4.10 for 7020

    "Here is the LATEST version of the Gemini image. load as per usual. To download go to the link below, (change xx to tt). This site is SECURE and ALL files are personally loaded and checked by ME. hxxp:// Gemini v4.1...