1. No Warranty

    Greg Weston: Not a rule changed, despite the expenses scandal

    This week, MPs headed home for their summer vacations having changed not a single rule affecting their own expenses, and how they will blow through almost $450 million this year on everything from office supplies to martini dinners. More...
  2. No Warranty

    How 20 years has changed the debate over assisted suicide

    The federal government will argue in front of the B.C. Court of Appeal later this month that a ban on assisted suicide should remain. Alison Crawford looks at how the debate over assisted suicide has changed since the Supreme Court last dealt with the issue 20 years ago. More...
  3. F

    [Help!] Sv 360p

    I've been out of the game for awhile and just ran onto this SVLAN. First off,is it still working and how reliable are the private servers? I have a SV360P and Ihub v2.2 (I think)....can this be changed over? also all the links for serial purchases seem to be dead..any chance someone can point me...
  4. E


    nf-hd-transponders-210511-r27f transponder file for the nFusionHD up to date on all Dish Network satellites as of May 21 2011 61.5, 72.7, 77, 110, 118, 119, 129 includes all transponder for Galaxy 19 @ 97w as listed on Transponders Changed 61.5° TP 23...
  5. A

    Mid-Atlantic manufacturing little changed

    Mid-Atlantic manufacturing little changed PHILADELPHIA, -- The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank said manufacturing activity in the mid-Atlantic region was little changed in October. "Regional manufacturing activity was steady," the bank's monthly survey indicated. The survey's headline...

    Opkeys 03/24/09 DN

    Opkeys 03/24/09 DN DN key changed


    CW_Ultima_V1.29_2009_02_18 1. fixed sw21 2. changed TP info for Amazonas Sat

    Gc changed to G19

    Gc changed to G19 Ok, to all those who gets gc 97w. Just to let you all know that Gc 97w have change from Galaxy 25 to Galaxy19. G25 is now no longer in service. The position of the sat is still the same, just the sat name have change to galaxy19 and not g25.. Oh yeah, you can use the old...
  9. scotty2hottie076

    D!sh 0101

    Changed Mon Jul 14 18:59:18 2008 86:9A2195FE84F6740E9519F56F4C800ED7 96:0861E66B0BECC97F0692DF8E61D24BB3 active
  10. CASPER

    scrambleing channels update 062708

    some channels are starting to fall, channels may have moved, but the tp's havent changed most likely we will need new filez.
  11. soubi

    DBPSW-080522X DN & Bev Fixed

    Fixes issues with both providers as they changed to Map21. NO RISK NO GAME
  12. soubi

    PFTAUSW-080522U DN & Bev Fixed

    Fixes issues with both providers as they changed to Map21. NO RISK NO GAME
  13. CASPER

    news update

    From the news that was given by the coders’ sv and vs will give us temp fixes cause of the map38. A new permanent fix will be out in about a week. The coders are dealing with something different now from what I have read and heard. They usually come out with a fix in 6-12 hours over the last 3...
  14. darklist

    Platinum fix 3-4-07

    P/l 3-4-07 Change ( Main software upgrade ) - Boot Changed - B-1 routine added