1. No Warranty

    Gawker reports Rob Ford alleged crack video may be 'gone'

    Gawker, the U.S. gossip website that has led efforts to purchase and bring to light a purported video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine, now says their intermediary contact fears the video is "gone." More...
  2. No Warranty

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies crack cocaine allegations

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says allegations he was caught on tape smoking crack are "ridiculous," following reports that someone had been trying to sell a purported recording of such an event to U.S. and Canadian media outlets. More...
  3. A

    Congress OKs Fair Sentencing Act

    Congress OKs Fair Sentencing Act WASHINGTON, The U.S. House Wednesday passed and sent to the president a bill bringing sentences in crack cocaine cases closer to those in powder cocaine prosecutions. By a voice vote, the House gave final congressional approval to the Fair Sentencing Act of...
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    87-year-old arrested for selling crack

    87-year-old arrested for selling crack PENSACOLA, Fla., (UPI) -- An 87-year-old panhandling Florida woman was arrested after allegedly selling a $20 piece of crack cocaine, police say. Escambia County undercover Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Ted Roy said he allegedly bought the drugs from Ola Mae Agee...