1. Energizer

    [Question?] The AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition or The AMD FX-8120 BE

    I'm considering an upgrade, I just want to know what processor would be the best for my needs? I do a lot of gaming, a little bit of video encoding for my home 1080i video camera. The AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE is approximately $200 The AMD FX-8120 BE is approximately $150 Thanks
  2. W

    [Attention] Need help getting equip channels brisat bs-300a

    I have one encoder brisat bs300a and I have months without a channel to observe someone tell me if this team has some solutions or just limit myself to throw it away, thanks for any help
  3. S

    Is AMD Phenom II x6 1055t good for video encoding?

    Is AMD Phenom ii x6 1055t good for video encoding? I'm currently encoding videos into 720p and 1080p but I'm not sure if I should get x4 or spend more on x6.
  4. R

    How come my iPod keeps changing its time everytime I synchronize it?

    I have an iPod nano (3rd generation). Today is the first day of Daylights Saving Time. Earlier when I synchronized my iPod, it was fine, but now it keeps jumping to another timezone. My laptop and everything else is set to EST, but when I sync my iPod it suddenly switches to the Honolulu...
  5. J

    How can I save an adobe file to be typeable?

    I have a PDF file which opens with adobe 8.0. But when I type something, I can't save it. In fact, every time i open the file it tells me that I can't save and if I want a copy, I must print one before closing. How come? Is there a way I can make it savable? Opening it with word doesn't encode...
  6. F

    Are there any compatibility differences between intel and amd?

    I mean are there any software or os that will run with intel chips but not with amd? For the average computer user, will there be any noticiable differences between using an amd chip and an intel chip (given that both chips are the same processor speed)
  7. D

    I am planning to buy a PC for gaming. Should I go for Intel or AMD?

    I am planning to buy a PC for gaming and it should be cheap, and AMD is cheaper than Intel. Someone also told me that for gaming AMD is a better processor. So help. I need expert advice!
  8. T

    What is the different between Intel and AMD?

    i use Intel and i don't know much about the AMDs. i heard that AMD has more of something... i forgot what it was. Which do you think is better?
  9. C

    How do I make special characters in photoshop on a laptop?

    On my desktop, if hit alt +0149 in photoshop it makes a bullet. This does not work on my laptop. I believe this is because I do not have a number keypad on my laptop keyboard. Is there a way to do this using the numbers at the top of the keypad?
  10. CASPER

    Encoding,Editing of x264 mkv Movies Using MeGui,mkvmerge

    Encoding,Editing of x264 mkv Movies Using MeGui,mkvmerge This is my guide to encoding of small size x264 mkv movies. Since I Have a 40GB HD Which is Such a Ebarasement to tell I had to Delete the Movies Which I Downloaded So I Decided Why Not Make Them Of Small Sizes Rather Like 300/400MB.So I...
  11. D

    Will a raid 0 setup really improve the speed of my computer?

    raid 0, as in striping. I've been told this can nearly double your speeds. My pc i am building has 8gb 1066mHz ddr2 am2+ phenom and all that. I'm wondering if raid 0 is worth it. If one of the Hdd's fails...well...thats a bummer, my data is gone. Should I just go with a raid 1? (I dont have the...