1. FTA Hacker

    Weiner apologizes for sending tweets

    (CNN) -- A week after claiming a hacker had posted a lewd photo to his Twitter account, U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner on Monday apologized for lying about the incident and admitted carrying on inappropriate relationships with several women he'd met online. Weiner, a New York Democrat, said he is not...
  2. No Warranty

    One in four US hackers ‘is an FBI informer’

    Ed Pilkington London Guardian June 7, 2011 The underground world of computer hackers has been so thoroughly infiltrated in the US by the*FBI and secret service that it is now riddled with paranoia and mistrust, with an estimated one in four hackers secretly informing on their peers, a...
  3. FTA Hacker

    NY Rep. Weiner admits he sent lewd pix

    NEW YORK – After days of denials, a choked-up New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed Monday that he tweeted a bulging-underpants photo of himself to a young woman and admitted to "inappropriate" exchanges with six women before and after getting married. He apologized for lying but...
  4. No Warranty

    US says dropping bombs is not war, but guessing a computer password is Hacking

    The US government sure has an interesting way of defining war these days. Just a few months after the Obama administration played word games with the public by insisting that air strikes in Libya were just "kinetic military action," not acts of war, the Pentagon has now come on the record...
  5. FTA Hacker

    Gov't says no official email hacked; FBI on case

    WASHINGTON – The FBI is investigating allegations that computer hackers in China broke into Google's email system, but no official government email accounts have been compromised, the Obama administration said Thursday. "These allegations are very serious," Secretary of State Hillary Rodham...
  6. FTA Hacker

    Congressman denies posting lewd photo

    (CNN) -- A liberal Democratic congressman who came under fire for a lewd photo that briefly appeared on his Twitter account over the weekend told CNN Wednesday that he did not post the image. Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner spoke to CNN's Wolf Blitzer a day after a contentious exchange with...
  7. No Warranty

    Cyber warfare: Britain developing ‘virtual weapons’ to combat hacker threat

    UK Daily Mail May 31, 2011 A cyber-weapons programme to counter growing threats to national security from cyberspace is being developed by the Government, it emerged today. The scheme will provide the UK with a ‘toolbox’ of offensive options to fight online hackers targeting the country’s...