1. the doctor

    Al Madrigal: Here's What's Happening

    I'm half-Mexican -- get used to it 'cause in about five to 10 years, you're all gonna be related to one. Whether you like it or not, no matter how much you prepared your family, you're gonna show up at Thanksgiving one of these years, you're gonna walk in and say, 'Hey! What's happening? Since...
  2. W

    Will we see a 4000 fix?

    Has anyone heard what is happening with the 4000. Is it time to upgrade? If so, what do you recommend?
  3. depotfreak

    Logging in..

    Hi everyone not that its a big deal but its happened a couple of times today alone...I have to keep logging in.I will be in a forum then all the sudden it asks me to log in again even though I have the remember me checked.Just wondering if its happening to anyone else? Depotfreak