1. K

    Problem With Connecting iPod to Computer?

    When I plug my iPod into my computer the computer plays a funny noise through the speaker. Like it's saying it doesn't recognize the iPod or something. When I plug it in, it doesnt even charge.It is an iPod Touch 2g (version 2.2.1)My computer is running Windows 7
  2. R

    How do you fix a ipod that's frozen on the apple start screen?

    I charge my ipod from the wall, same screen. I charge my ipod on any laptop/PC, same screen. I reset the ipod to see if the image would go away, same screen, and it stays there.It's been having the same start screen since 3 PM yesterday after noon.. help? I would like to fix this by myself.I...
  3. L

    How will I know that a new iPod Classic is compatible with one of my old iPod rechargers?

    I'm planning to get an iPod Classic, and the only thing I was curious about was that I wanted to make sure that some of the older iPod accessories could be plugged into the new iPod. Such examples are iHome, iHome 2.0, etc. Can anyone help? Thanks, your answers are always a great help!
  4. T

    How can i fix my jailbroken iPod to work with a iPod car adapter?

    I want to jailbreak my iPod 2g with 4.1 and every time i did before it will not play on my friends car iPod player, but it worked on my iHome. I have been using redsn0w and a 4.1 IPSW to jailbreak it. Is there a way i can jailbreak my iPod and let it play on a car adapter and an iHome?
  5. T

    How do you import songs into your ipod playlist thats not from the library?

    So I want to import songs from the Music section on my ipod (music that is already on my ipod) onto my ipod playlist. It says that you need to put songs into a playlist from you library though...Does anyone know how to put the music you already have on your ipod into the library or how to put...
  6. B

    How many generations of Ipod touch are currently available?

    I am new to the ipod touch market and while researching on the web cannot figure out if there is a first and second generation or only a first. I am not talking about the regular ipod, but rather the ipod touch. I am debating on waiting for the next generation of the touch, because i can wait...
  7. A

    How can i get my ipod touch out of recovery mode, it will not restore either?

    I tried to restore my ipod the other day, but there was an error, and it is now stuck in recovery mode.I have an ipod touch 4g and i am running the latest version of itunes, and i have tried to restore it on two different computers.Whenever i try to restore it, it comes up with the error " The...
  8. D

    How to get ipod touch to not be recognized as camera?

    I'm trying to get songs from ipod to computer, to do so i need the folder of the songs. But the ipod is recognized as a digital camera how do i change it so it's recognized as an ipod touch?
  9. C

    How do I get my iPod to be recognized on iTunes when it is plugged in the USB?

    whenever my ipod nano gets plugged into the USB it shows that it is charging but never shows up on itunes. Also I think the inside of the ipod where the USB goes into the ipod is bend because whenever i plug that into the ipod it wont work unless i tilt the USB alittle bit. how can i fix this?
  10. Zapp Brannigan

    How can I put ipod games from 2 different computers on my ipod?

    I went to my friends house and put ipod games (monopoly and spore origins) on my ipod. Then I went to my house and bought another game (phase). When i try to put on phase it deleted monopoly and spore origins. Then, when i try to put monopoly and spore origins back on, it deletes phase. How can...
  11. JoeShmoe

    When I plug my Ipod in to my computer i still cant access my ipod on itunes. How can i get to my ipod?

    When im in itunes i can get into my library but no ipod icon shows up so i cant add or delete songs on my ipod. What should i do?
  12. K

    How do i synch ipod touch applications and games to my ipod touch?

    I don't have the latest update for my ipod but i made sure to download applications that were compatible to my ipod touch. I have ealrier versions of the game? So how do i get the apps on my ipod?
  13. what2do72

    Why is my ipod touch going to a black screen and not jail breaking?

    I am using windows xp to jail break my ipod touch 2 gen with 3.1.2 firmware. Blackra1n says my ipod is jail broken, but when my ipod reboots it is normal and unjail broken. I have tried it about 50 times to use blackra1n but nothing seems to work. If anyone has had this same problem and found a...
  14. Rumas

    Free Ipod Video Converter

    http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/ Lots of people have asked me if there is a Free Ipod Video Converter. So here it is. Post here to let others know how good it is. Enjoy, Rumas