1. FTA Hacker

    Liar liar, brain's been fired

    Gibbs wonders what will happen when we can no longer lie? More...
  2. FTA Hacker

    Post-riot, UK government halts talk of social media shutdown

    The U.K. government met on Thursday with technology companies for a post-mortem on the violent riots earlier this month, but made clear from the onset that it was no longer considering shutting down services in times of crisis. More...
  3. X

    wiznet problem

    i can no longer connect to ihub 5e (old model) with wiznet. i upgrade wiznet to 3.02 and also ihub to v2.2 and can no longer connect to ihub what did i do wrong and whats the fix? sv 360 elite also i dont see the ip config in the menu any longer?? i have boot version 1.0 is this correct
  4. O


    this file was up since yesterday is it no longer working?
  5. C

    Viesat Platinum menu codes

    After applying new patch, i can no longer enter into the codes menu
  6. darklist

    New Key Ripper

    This Is The New Updated Key Ripper No longer valid!