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    Re: WHOOOOOo

    Re: WHOOOOOo I have a megasat 6668 and was able to convert it into a fortec but cant change it to a pansat,last file i had working successfully was the t294 is there any other file that will work?
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    megasat clone

    I have a megasat clone and love to use fortec ultra files.Last one I used was the 294 tfile.I cannot convert it to a pansat I just get lines.Is there a working file for the fortec ultra I can use?
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    hello all, i need BIG help ! PLEASE

    hello to all,im a new member to this. my brother took care of my sat. needs. he was murdred on 9-1-07. i need someone to help me get back into the swing of things. he taught me some things. i need to download black list updater, and i also need to now, what catagory that i fit in. i have a...
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    Channel Master

    What's New? Added Import Template. Added option to display Switch Info in Satellite Name. Added Import/Export for Neusat. Added Plugins folder for beta testing.Features: - compatible with GTD file format (GTools) - Copy/paste channels and satellites from another list - Search for...