1. M

    XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat. Use IKS without dongle/hub only serial cable

    Credits goto goofather im just spreading the good news. I've tested with my old cnx nano that was in the closet for years. Using linux can be a pain for some so here's a windows app that works great !! XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat Supoort DESCRIPTION XX-CLIENT is...
  2. S

    [Awesome!] Hello

    Hi. I am new. I don't know if I am in the right place....I have a Nano premium. I'm thinking about buying a membership. Can anyone tell me what I get with a membership?? Please help. :)
  3. S

    is d---up or down..thanks

    hi i am having problems with setup on nano premium se and not sure if d---is up or down thanks
  4. M

    [Cool!] CNX MINI To CNX NANO2

    Hello Guys,this weekend i did some cool, i got my CNX Mini,and i've updated to a nano file NANO_FACTORY_7[1].05_NPB by 232 port , and after that, i did file NANO_4[1].05.npb update using USB,. its working nice, may someone coud make it better! tanks Moredson
  5. L

    [Help!] Cnx nano 2

    When nano 2 went down last year it became a paper weight. Is it up and going again? If it is I need help getting it going again.
  6. B

    Hi All

    HI im new here i hope this is the place to get new up dates for the nano premium thats been down for about 3 weeks thanks all
  7. K

    nano premium is up

    Im currently up on the free month trial on japan surver
  8. P

    Cnx nano 2 and using it as i-link error with conversion back to nano 2

    I really did a dumb thing....had not used my CNX Nano 2 as I-link for one year and even forgot I converted it....plugged it in and thought I would do a factory I don't know what files it needs, as the factory default supposedly erased the satellites and I believe my server...
  9. K

    need some help please

    I have just purchased a nano premium and was wondering how to go about getting it working.I need instructions right from the start.Much appreciated
  10. No Warranty

    FTA IKS Status September 19, 2011

    Here is the current status of all IKS units. Date: Sunday, September 19, 2011 Time Reported: 2:13 AM ET Captiveworks 600S: DN - DOWN l BEV - DOWN Captiveworks 600S Premium: DN - DOWN l BEV - DOWN Captiveworks 700S: DN - UP l BEV - DOWN Captiveworks 800S: DN - UP l BEV - DOWN Captiveworks...
  11. The Big Giant Head

    M-Vision Tools folder empty

    Downloaded this folder M-Vision tools Tried to extract the folder and it said folder is empty. Did it twice. What gives? My Cnx Nano2/ilink went down today and just trying to revive it.
  12. T

    Nano Premium still off service?! Help

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this whole thing and had my nano premium up and running well until just over a month ago. I went on holiays and see that it's still down (off service). I have tried to load the SKY 1.12 NPP file but have no success... I am not sure what else to do. Is it down right now...
  13. D


    Hello im from vancouver bc new to this. I got a cnx nano 2 but dont know where to find the firmware. Can u help me please ? Thanks
  14. CASPER

    To all Nanosat testers.

    C/P To all Nanosat testers. Skyteam is working on something very big and within 3 weeks the team is announcing it here. Skyteam apologizes for the recent outages it was caused by server upgrades skyteam only releases files here skyteam delivers the best support skyteam is testing something...
  15. S

    Back to Fta- but SO MANY new questions!

    Hey guys, I used to be a very happy coolsat owner, having all the channels from local to ppv's to international. We all know what happened to coolsat after N3....AFter that I didnt risk buying another fta box. But I see there are some boxes up and I have many new questions lol. I was looking...
  16. Y

    nano premium

    Just wondering what the current status is for the nano because right now Iam down.
  17. shinner

    A Verbal Update

    Just wanted to see if anyone else was down besides me. That's all.
  18. CASPER

    Official new release for SKY_2.03

    Official new release for SKY_2.03 New file for Nano Lite You need to upgrade it as the bootloader update. Mandatory: Please do a "Factory Default" after upgraded the new S/W Please also do a "Reboot" by pressing FN1 on the remote thanks Skyteam
  19. V


    Hello! I am brand new to this site. I have a Nano 2 that I am trying to get going again. I have been a member at satfix for about 2 years. But I guess they went down in the past couple of days. So here I am. How long do you have to be a member to downloan the bin files?
  20. CASPER

    Nano Premium SE Home streaming Software

    Nano Premium SE Home streaming Software