1. placid_acid

    How to add Fisheye effect to an image?

    Does anyone know how to easily add a fisheye effect to an image?
  2. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to change the forum style, skin or color schem

    Go to the bottom of any page on this site and click the drop down box on the left called the "Quick Style chooser" It looks like this: The just select the style you want to use, you can change this anytime you want. Enjoy!
  3. B

    'Had to go for a ride last night...!'

    The wife bitched me out last night, for walking through the house with my boots on again. So I decided to jump on the bike and go for a quick spin, to cool down... Boy, that pissed her off even more!!!
  4. G

    Just a quick hello

    Hello everybody hope your having a good day!

    UK's top anti-terrorism officer quits over blunder

    LONDON (Reuters) – Britain's top counter-terrorism officer quit on Thursday after his security blunder forced police to bring forward a major operation to thwart a suspected al Qaeda plot involving Pakistani nationals. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said officers had been dealing with a "very big...
  6. joeclub


    Just a quick Hi. To everyone since I am new here.
  7. T

    you guys are awesome

    Thanx guys for getting us up in time for football was loosing hope with every good channel gone thnx for all the hard work coders keep up the great job and thanx for the quick posting o fthe files all of you who did so you guys rock:):yes::notworthy:Jumping Smilies
  8. S

    Hello from Sonny in Florida

    Sure nice to join the group, hopefully I catch on quick and will then be able to make a contribution.
  9. M


    Just a quick Hello to all. Thanks for having me!
  10. darklist

    New Release 01.19.2007

    We did some extra work. Fast Sat Scann, it will take with in 1- 2 minutes full Sat Scann. There is a Quick Scann function added in a Channel List Menu. Enjoy!. Regards, Blacklist