1. FTA Hacker

    Three Steps to Combatting Rogue IT

    Business users everywhere these days seem to be losing their collective minds and going rogue. Not in the inimitable style of a certain former governor of Alaska, but in the combative style of impatient teenagers who want what they want when they want it. (That would be now.) More...
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    hello nice style green
  3. B


    A man is at DMV. [DMV Worker] Name, please? [Man] Abdul Khan. [DMV Worker] S*x? [Man] Yes. Three to five times a week. [DMV Worker] No, no… I mean, male or female? [Man] Both male and female. And, sometimes with camel. [DMV Worker] Holy cow! [Man] Yes, I did one time with a cow, too. [DMV...
  4. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to change the forum style, skin or color schem

    Go to the bottom of any page on this site and click the drop down box on the left called the "Quick Style chooser" It looks like this: The just select the style you want to use, you can change this anytime you want. Enjoy!