1. L

    How to take music from one ipod and putting it to my itunes library?

    My cousin let me borrow his ipod and it has over 500 songs. I want to take those songs and put it all in my itunes library but when ever i try to sync, it said i have to erase the songs on the ipod. How do i take his songs from his ipod and put it into my library without the getting the songs...
  2. Mr Opinion

    How to spread the internet to wireless router?

    I have a desktop and a wireless router. I just moved in college dorm and i have to configure the ip address to access internet on my desktop. I only got one ip address given by dorm staff. I'm able to connect to internet on desktop but connecting to router it will not spread wireless internet...
  3. U

    How to make rounded corners in photoshop without have a back border?

    I've been trying to make pictures in photoshop with rounded corners and I don't want the background color. I've seen many pictures without those back borders. So can someone please explain to me and give me good instructions on how to make the rounded corners without the colored borders in the...
  4. A

    Photoshop help! How do I place an image onto a template within the bounds of the template?

    I got Photoshop 7 elements for Christmas and I'm a beginner in using photo editing software.I'm in a shirt design contest, and in submitting a design I need to place my design onto a shirt template. How can I place the image onto the shirt template without overlapping? I can't seem to figure out...

    Information About Anti Spyware Software Solutions

    The process of finding the right anti spyware software is one of great importance in order to keep your computer running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. There are a few anti spyware software companies that are particularly well respected and this includes but is certainly not limited...

    chat box

    hey guys I know we have a tool bar here but to get to the chat is a bitch, but you should think about adding a chat box on the top of our main help forum page,,:idea::idea: manny of the other sites I go to have that, just to have fun on, chat with each other and it keep useless B.S. off the...
  7. P

    Firefox Help

    Hallo, I often use the saved passwords of my Firefox browser to see and sometimes erase the passwords...only everytime I must go to Tools - Options - Safety - saved password. I was arguing if there is a way to insert a link in the toolbar to simplify and speed up this task. Thank you and hallo...
  8. lehman1232003

    Howdy yall

    Somewhat new member. I never posted my hello. I'm fairly new to the FTA world. I found this great site that is BS free unlike many of the others. So thanks for running a great place to discuss our hobbies. Thanks again and HELLO
  9. S


    Hello to all
  10. CASPER

    [Attention] live chat room for all members

    THERE IS a great feature that you can try out live chat room to other members all you need is the fta toolbar and go to here is the link below.....start using to chat ....... Preferred By Pete Toolbar - Download
  11. B

    Re:New Toolbar in Forum Announcements

    Re:New Toolbar in Forum Announcements Would like to thank Rumas & Wizzard four new toolbar add on it's great with lots of great features ...Thank You Guys ..Cheers Great Job ...:D:yes:
  12. B


    Just wanted to say hello to everyone,I am new to the FTA world and maybe asking some questions in the near future,Thanks from bullseyepower!!
  13. J

    new member

    :)hello everybody
  14. E

    Good day

    Hello people.
  15. CASPER

    Pbp toolbar download link

  16. A


    Hi guys Can anyone tell me how to upload the c6k Premium Factory Channel List that casper posted? Never done it before... Thx
  17. CASPER

    pbp toolbar

    Just a simple question are we in the process of getting a toolbar link for pbp ???..just wondering :cool::cool::cool::cool: