1. FTA Hacker

    Snow storm reportedly delays delivery of 50,000 UPS packages in Colo.

    (CNN) -- Instead of presents, there might be IOUs under some Christmas trees in Colorado on Sunday. This week's snow storm has delayed the delivery of some 50,000 UPS packages into the Denver area, CNN affiliate KUSA reported, citing a company spokeswoman. "We know it's Christmas. We apologize...
  2. the doctor

    Mark Curry: No Halloween Costumes

    We couldn't afford no Halloween costumes -- eight kids, please! Mama sent us down to the liquor store, put boxes on us. We didn't know what we were -- 'I don't know what we are. I don't know. She didn't tell us. I think we UPS? I don't know.'
  3. Scammer

    UPS pilots charge company with safety lapses; UPS says procedures work

    Pilots for UPS charged Monday that their employer is failing to protect them from acts of terrorism. "Our crew members deserve a reasonable expectation of safety. We believe that current standards in air cargo screening are inadequate," Brian Gaudet, spokesman for the Independent Pilots...
  4. darklist

    The new UPS