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Thread: What do I need to build a Super Gaming Computer?

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    What do I need to build a Super Gaming Computer?

    First off I can spend up to $10,000 dollars on building this beast. I am not sure if that's not enough to accomplish this goal but if not I hope it gets me darn close. I am buying the parts and my brother is building it for me. I need to know whats the best Motherboard, Graphics Card and Quad if possible, Sound Card, Hard Drive, Blu Ray Burner, and anything to lessen ping time. If you could list the names and product numbers that would be helpful.

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    What do I need to build a Super Gaming Computer?

    Best CPU- Intel i7 870Best Motherboard ASUS P6T7 WS SuperComputer MotherboardBest Graphics Card ATI HD RADEON 5870Best Sound Card Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite ProBest Hard Drive Western Digital RE4-GP Hard Drive - 2TB, 64MB, Intellipower, SATA-3GBest Blu Ray Burner Lite-On DH-4B1SBest Ram OCZ Blade PC15000 1866MHBest Lan Card Intel EXPI931CTBLK Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter Cardwhich is able to transfer 1000mbs

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    What do I need to build a Super Gaming Computer?

    MOTHERBOARD:get an ASUS P6T WS supercomputer, or revolution since you won't need regular PCI ports (you'll have all the I/O you need, and wireless internet is slower than the Dual gigabit Lan ports you'll get) CPUGet the Xeon W5590, or Core i7 975 Extreme. you'll also want to get an i9 when it comes out. (also for socket 1366)HDD:Get a Western Digital VelociRaptor as your boot drive, and gaming installations, and the western digital RE4 for extra storage.CASE: you really need to decide this for yourself, because it's more a personal thing than a performance thing.(recommended: Antec 1200, Coolermaster Cosmos Sport, HAF 922.)GPU:ATI HD 5890get two or three of these, and crossfire them, you probably don't need it, but it'll last a long time, and you'll have serious bragging rights.things you'll have to find on your own:--CPU Heatsink & Fan-RAM, * for RAM you'll want to be getting Tri-Channel, DDR3, 1600Mhz+-OS (on such a high spec PC, you could run Vista Ultimate 64-bit perfectly, ignore the haters on the bandwagon, XP will irritate the crap out of you once you've experienced Vista.)-PSU (get a modular PSU, 1Kw+, single 12V rail)-Sound Card (you probably wont need one as the X58 chipset is so fantastic, but if you really want it so bad, go ahead)-Disk Drivesi'm sorry i dont know much about blu-ray, but after you've got a blu-ray burner, also get a lightscribe DVD burner (24x)- Monitor i always always forget this when shortlisting builds for people, but this is technical stuff, you may want to read up on it yourself but at least get one with HDMI & DVI connections, generally the more expensive, the better, but there are exceptions.contrast wise you will see something like '50,000:1'basically, the higher the first number the better.Keyboard & Mouse.Mouse:- RAZER Mamba a wireless mouse that's faster than most wired gaming mouses.Keyboard:-RAZER Tarantula it is beautiful. look both the RAZER products here http://www.razerzone.com/i'd like to add that you should never just follow somebody else's ideal build, look up things you like aswell, and compare. also, don't take things at face value, read reviews of everything before you buy, theres nothing more annoying than high-spec machinery that doesn't function as you expect it to.if your brothers good at computers you may want to reconsider everything and build an actual 'supercomputer' using server motherboards and 8-core CPU's.good luck, i really hope you pwn everyone with this awesome PC

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