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  • Nintendo Wii Console Review

    Mfr. Part Number: RVLSWC

    Gaming starts here with the Nintendo Wii. Featuring revolutionary freehand control, the Nintendo Wii is the most fun, most friendly and the coolest system available. Whether you've been gaming since Pong was hip or you've never gamed before - the Wii is for you. With intuitive gameplay for the young and old, Wii is a great system for your family and friends.

    A New Style of Gaming
    Wii will break down that wall that separates video game players from everybody else.

    Wii will put people more in touch with their games ? and each other. But you?re probably asking: What does the name mean?

    Wii sounds like ?we,? which emphasizes this console is for everyone.

    Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii.

    Break Down The Walls
    With each passing year, video gaming has become an exclusive experience. The complexities of some of the newest games have alienated those who used to play games with their entire families. Wii changes all that. Nintendo has created the most inviting, inclusive video game system to date. Thanks to our unique controller, anyone of any age or skill level can pick up and play games on Wii.

    And they will have an incredibly fun time doing so. That's not to say we've forgotten about the core gamer. Not by a long shot. In fact, Wii gives them the best gaming experience yet. Take a look at some of the games Nintendo and our partners have to offer, and once you try them out, you will be convinced that a revolution in gaming has begun. Soon, the future will be in your hands. When you get a chance to play, you will believe Wii is the next leap in gaming to a new generation.

    Expanding the Audience
    Over time, gaming has become overwhelming to people. Wii returns gaming to simpler times while innovating game development at the same time. The unique Wii Remote gives parents and grandparents a chance to play games with their children. It gives gamers and traditional non-gamers a chance to share the same experiences in this new generation of gaming. For those who grew up on video games, Wii shows that games have not outgrown them.

    Unique Experiences
    Wii makes you feel less like a player and more like you're in the game. Frenzied sword battles are no longer confined to pushing a button. With Wii's unique freehand controller, Nintendo puts you in the middle of the action. Forget about pushing a button to start a golf backswing. Wii lets you swing the club! Don't push a button to swing a sword, actually swing the sword. Video games have always been a part of you, now you get to be a part of them. Step up to the next level of gaming.


    A flick of the wrist to swing a baseball bat or tennis racket, a backswing and follow-through to send a golf ball flying over a pristine fairway. Wii Sports, packaged with the Wii console, introduces players to those and many other experiences.

    Wii also taps into Nintendo?s unrivalled legacy of great games with the Virtual Console. Connecting via wireless broadband to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Wii owners will be able to spend Virtual Console points to download selected classic games from NES, Super NES and N64 video game consoles. And through WiiConnect24, owners will be able to access even more content.

    Four-player compatibility as well as the ability to compete with other Wii players over broadband internet means that Wii offers a true social experience.

    The sleek Wii console, no larger than a stack of several DVD cases, includes Wii Sports, a sensor bar, an AV cable, a Wii stand, a Wii Remote, and a Nunchuk controller for even more exciting game-control possibilities
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. feehar's Avatar
      feehar -
      Nintendo WII is a great beer drinking video console that you and your friends could enjoy
    1. Batman's Avatar
      Batman -
      believe it or not, my friend's 6yrs old daughter threw the controller at his two months old 46' LCD.. he has to buy a new TV. Don't laugh, it could happen to you.
    1. depotfreak's Avatar
      depotfreak -
      Pros: Everything

      We got this system last year and Guitar Hero 3 this year.This console is amazing and they can do so much in the future with controls and games.It is the best system in my books for parties and just having fun family time also.
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