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  • LG 8500 cell phone Review

    The LG 8500 - known in some circles as "Chocolate". This sleek slider phone is the rage the world over; with a hidden touch keypad, EVDO high speed data, a gorgeous QVGA display, a 1.3MP camera and speaker independent voice control it's easy to see why everyone wants one. Add in Bluetooth, an integrated music player and memory upgradability and you've got an amazing handset that you know you want.

    WebID: 10081633
    Mfr. Part Number: LG 8500
    Backlit Keypad Yes
    Battery Type LiPolymer
    Calculator Yes
    Calendar Yes
    Carrier Telus Mobility
    Changeable Faceplate Capable No
    Customizable Ring Tones Yes
    Data Capabilities Yes
    Extras 1.3MP Camera, Bluetooth & More
    Games Yes
    Handsfree Speakerphone Yes
    Included In Box Earbuds, Travel Charger, Battery
    Keypad Lock No
    Number of Display Lines Info Not Available
    Number of Modes/Bands EVDO
    Order Conditions 2 per customer. We have the right to limit quantities.
    Phone Book Capacity 500
    Product Dimensions 4.8(W) x 9.7(H) x 1.8(D) cm
    Product Warranty 1 Year
    Product Weight 100 g
    Standby Time 384 Hours
    Supports Caller ID Yes
    Talk Time 210 Minutes
    Vibrate Mode Yes
    Web Browser Yes

    Eye Candy

    The design of the Chocolate is eye catching and functional. It's easy to slide the phone open to dial or text and it looks great whether it's opened or closed. The backlit keys, in white and red, stand sharply against the gorgeous dark finish alongside the bright and beautiful QVGA screen.

    Get Connected

    The Chocolate sports both Bluetooth and EVDO for short and long range data connectivity. Connect your peripherals with Bluetooth, transfer data on a MicroSD card (sold seperately) or browse the net and download files at blazing high speeds* with EVDO.
    Comments 1 Comment
    1. joebatts's Avatar
      joebatts -
      Pros: It looks nice thats about it!!!!
      Cons: TELUS as a whole is GARBAGE!!!!!!! and so is the LG 8500 and 95% of its functions!!!

      I would never recommend this piece of scrap to anyone, along with signing up with TELUS!!!! They are a bunch of misleading and dishonest people. All they do is steal money from people. I would recommend any day of the week ROGERS or BELL to my friends and family and to total strangers. In fact I have dedicated a little of my time in trying to convince people out of TELUS or to not join or sign up at all. TELUS' copyright law is crap! Where is all this technology on media, whether it be music, ringers, videos, etc, but TELUS wants You to Pay for every little thing, It's almost if not like communism!!!

      While ROGERS or BELL, You pay for Your plan and Your phone and You are free to download and use any piece of media (ringtones especially) however You want. I've been a TELUS customer for over 6 years now. They don't give two S**ts (excuse my language)!!! I've been with them for this long because I gave them a chance and because I was stuck with this awful, terrible, misleading company!!! I regret the day I ever signed up with them. I am so unhappy and unsatisfied with my new plan and my new crappy Chocolate LG 8500. Now I am stuck with them for another two and half years because they want me to pay $1400 dollars if I want out of my contract. As for the LG Chocolate, its junk!!! Dropped calls, terrible ear piece, annoying controller in front, changing menus and starting other functions while You are talking and so on. There is so much more negative about these two, I don't have any more time right now. I have to go to work, but I'll be back to tell You all much MORE!!!!!!!
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