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  • Viewsat VSPro Review

    Product Features:

    USB 2.0 PVR Function: Channel Record & Play with an external HDD
    2 Years Manufacturers Warranty. Made in South Korea
    7 Day EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Support
    Fully MPEG-2 & DVB compliant
    USALS Support Universal Remote Control Unit

    Product Description:

    VS-PRO is the latest outstanding STB just added to the Viewsat product line. Designed with user-friendly functionality in mind, VS-PRO contains a new simple setup wizard, all your favorite On-Screen functions such as "Theme Search" and a great 7 day EPG. The Viewsat VS-PRO also offers dual USB ports and USB PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Functionality. The new processor used in VS-PRO will prove to be the front runner for all STBs to follow. The unique new Samsung Tuner and 2 USB Ports will make VS-PRO a winner among all other STBs in the market! Included new feature options will allow you to capture, record, playback and save to your external HDD right out of the box! View your recorded programs using the PIP option, now with the ability to playback your recorded program right along side your current channel. Loaded with new Features and Options, High Speed Processing, Excellent Picture Quality and USB PVR Capabilities, VS-PRO is another unmatched technologically advanced STB release by Viewsat.
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