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  • Viewsat Platinum Lite Review

    The Viewsat Platinum Lite was developed to meet the demand for a lower priced unit with the same power as the Viewsat Platinum. In order to accomplish this, we took the Viewsat Platinum and trimmed the fat. The Lite does not include a card reader or Dolby output. Standard remote included. The Lite also has one set of composite outputs. Other than that, it is just as user friendly and powerful as it's big brother, the Viewsat Platinum. Check with your dealer for pricing. This unit uses Platinum firmware.
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    Comments 2 Comments
    1. dbutler's Avatar
      dbutler -
      Pros: Speed! Durability! Easy to use menu features
      Cons: lousy diseQc switches, you need a real explensive one!

      Man this is byfar the best reciever i've bought.

      i'm running three, which are running Charley and Beverly
    1. YeOldSalt's Avatar
      YeOldSalt -
      Pros: No frills receiver that works and works very well.
      Cons: Heat! Even the cat stays off of it.

      Under a $100.00USD and trouble free. I hooked up a small external whisper fan to cool it. I use two and have never had a problem with either unit.
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