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  • Viewsat Ultra Review

    The VIEWSAT ULTRA is best selling Free To Air Receiver. We’ve added a faster processor (200 MHz), double the memory of the Xtreme (32 Mb SD RAM), and a USB communications port for easy data updates. Now you can use your USB flash drive to update your receiver. The new universal remote that comes with this unit is awesome. If that's not enough, wait until you see the new colorful Graphic User Interface. This is by far the best FTA STB the market has ever seen.


    Fully MPEG-2 & DVB Compliant
    Input Frequency 950-2150MHz
    200 MHz Connexant Processor
    32 Mb SD RAM
    Supports 7 Day EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
    Supports PIG (Picture in Graphic)
    Supports SCPC & MCPC from C / Ku-band
    1 LNB Input Tuner with Loop Through IF Signal
    Tuner Symbol Rate: 1-45MS/s
    New Universal Remote Control
    Card Reader (X Crypt Conditional Access System)
    Fast Booting & Auto Scan
    Hardware Driven Blindscan
    4000 Channel Programmable (TV & Radio
    Fast Channel Changing
    User Friendly 256 Colors OSD & Easy GUI
    Multi OSD Language supported
    Radio Channel Screen Saver
    Favorite Channel List Programmable
    Master PIN Code Function & Parental Lock Function
    100 Step Volume Control
    Automatic Detection of Forward Error Correction
    USB Host Interface (Only for USB Memory Stick)
    S/W Upgrade Supported by USB Port
    Window Based S/W Download Program Supported by RS232 Serial Port
    Set to Set Download (Main Program, Channel Data)
    4:3, 16:9 Letter Box & Teletext using OSD
    7 Segment-4 Digit Display
    5 Keys on Front Panel
    (Power On/Off, Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down)
    Various LNB Polarity Control
    22 KHz Switching Control
    Optical Output for Digital Audio
    S-VIDEO Output
    3 RCA outputs (2 Audio L/R and 1 Video)
    3 RCA Video Component Outputs (RGB
    RF-Modulator Output
    Rear Power Switch

    Technical Specifications:

    Power Supply
    Type: SMPS
    Input Voltage: AC 95V~240v 50Hz / 60Hz
    Fuse Rating: 250V/T2A

    Input Frequency: 950 ~ 2150MHz
    Input Signal Level: -65 ~ -25dBm
    Input Impedance: 75ohm Unbalanced
    Connector Type: ‘F’Type Female
    LNB Power Supply: 13V/18V, Max 500mA with Short Circuit Protection
    22KHz Tone: Frequency 22± 4KHz, Amplitude 0.6±0.2Vpp
    DiSEqC: 1.0 , 1.1, 1.2, USALS(1.3) Compatible
    Channel Selection: PLL Frequency Synthesizer

    Type: QPSK Demodulation (DVB-S)
    Symbol Rate: 1 ~ 45 MS/s
    Inner FEC: Viterbi Convolutional Coding
    Rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
    Outer FEC: Reed Solomon Coding(204,188) T=8

    Video Decoder
    System Decoding: MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-2
    Profile and Level: MPEG-2 MP@ML
    Data Rate: 1 ~15 MB/s
    Video Formats: 4:3(Normal) & 16:9(Widescreen)

    Audio Decoder
    System Decoding: MPEG-1 ISO/IEC 11172-3 Layer I & II
    Audio Mode: Mono, Dual, Stereo, Joint Stereo
    Sampling Frequency: 32, 44.1, 48 KHz

    Audio/Video Output
    Audio Output: 2 RCA Cinch (1 on LIte Model)
    Video Output: 2 RCA Cinch (1 on Lite Model)
    Digital Audio: 1 S/PDIF Optical (Platinum & Xtreme)
    S-Video: 1 S-VIDEO
    COMPONENT: 3 RCA Cinch (Xtreme)

    RF Modulator
    Modulator Output: CH3~4
    Video Type: NTSC
    Output Connector: “F” Type Female
    Ant. IN Connector: “F” Type Female
    8. Serial Data Interface
    Signal: RS-232, Max. 115200 bps
    Connector Type: 9 Pin D-Sub (male)
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. No Warranty's Avatar
      No Warranty -
      Pros: Fast, great EPG!

      Cons: Lots of clones out there!

      Great receiver! If you are looking for a non HD receiver get this one. I never had a problem with it. Load software right from a usb stick. Easy to use and a great EPG.

      The bad thing about these receivers is there were a lot of clones out there and the bin files have a clone kill in them. So if you have one it will burn out you receiver a few hours after you load the file.
    1. dbvscl's Avatar
      dbvscl -
      Pros: fast and easy to load files
      Cons: none

      ive got 4 and wouldn't have anything else ive done alot of testing and this is my choice.
    1. Brainitup's Avatar
      Brainitup -
      Easy to use for a newby
    1. romattman's Avatar
      romattman -
      Pros: USB flashing is great
      Cons: Menu a bit confusing to navigate

      A good receiver ... great EPG ... would buy another one!
    1. Beware Beware's Avatar
      Beware Beware -
      Pros: Great starter easy to use
      Cons: not many the odd freeze up

      Great starter easy to use
    1. dogbreath's Avatar
      dogbreath -
      Pros: Ease of use, Menu
      Cons: N/A

      Great piece of kit. The price has dropped substantially in the last 8 months approx. $120.00
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