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  • Coolsat 4000 Pro Review

    4000 ProThe Coolsat 4000 pro has quickly become the most wanted and loved free to air satellite receiver. From day one when the coolsat hit the market it was hard to stop it, with more customers and dealers falling in love with the coolsat everyday its truly become the best free to air satellite receiver.

    The Coolsat 4000 pro not only gives you one of the clearest pictures and best sound around but it has, Svideo for higher resolution and Digital Surround Sound. If you are TV crazy and just have to have the best when it comes to your home entertainment center then this makes the best addition. It will hook up to all your units and be the center of it all if wish. A really easy to use free to air receiver.

    The coolsat 4000 Pro insures the best picture and sound quality out of any free to air satellite receiver on the market. The Coolsat 4000 pro has some advanced features like; On Screen Display Menu, Fast Blind search, Svideo high resolution output, Dolby Digital sound & EPG. For those reasons and much much more the Coolsat 4000 pro is the best all around unit.

    The New and Improved Blind Search feature in the Coolsat 4000 Pro surpasses all other FTA receivers in terms of speed, interface, and usability.

    Along with powerful specifications, the feature set on the 4000 PRO is expanded by adding an additional RCA ports as well as an industry standard S-Video port for the highest clarity signal possible for a non-HDTV source.

    Digital AC3 SPDIF port has been added for users who wish to hook up their receiver to a sound system and enjoy Dolby Digital.
    Comments 1 Comment
    1. nightbladeshadowx's Avatar
      nightbladeshadowx -
      the bin files for the coolsat is not as fast as I expected, when I compared with the sonicview.
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