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  • Coolsat 8100 Review

    Introducing the Coolsat 8100 HD miCro PVR. Following the success of the Coolsat 8000 HD and the Coolsat 7000 micRo PVR, Coolsat has done it again! This time they combined the PVR capabilities of the Coolsat 7000 PVR with the HD capabilities of the Coolsat 8000 HD to bring you the Coolsat 8100 HD micRo PVR! This is the culmination of everything learned to date! Mpeg-4 and Mpeg-2 tuner onboard, USB 2.0 host interface, Internal 1 gb of RAM for PVR, optional connection to Hard Drive for PVR/DVR. If you are serious about FTA, this unit is a must have.


    MPEG 2 & MPEG 4 Support High Definition (ATSC Only)
    Digital Terrestrial(ATSC) & Satellite Set-Top-Box(TS combo)
    Multiple Video Outputs HDMI, RGB, Ypbr, S-Video & CVBS
    Selectable output for 1080i, 720P, 576P and 576i format
    Tunes & Decodes all 18 ATSC broadcast formats
    Max 160 GByte external USB 2.0 Host Hard Disk Drive support for Recording, Playback and Powerful Trick Mode.
    Premium Grade VFD displaying 12 character(CH #, CH name & Local Time), Recording mode(Record & Play mode), Status Icons(TV/Radio, Dolby Sound and Left HDD capacity)
    Play back a recorded file at PC
    Dolby Digital(AC3) 5.1 Channel Surround Sound via optical SP/DIF
    Aspect ratio adjustment 4:3 (16/9 crop), 4:3 (16/9 letterbox), 16:9 (4/3 pillar box)
    Multi-Lingual audio & digital closed caption support
    User friendly OSD and operation.
    Favorite channel selections.
    S/W upgrade through USB 2.0 port and RS-232
    Parental Guide and rating control.
    Picture in Picture support (Aux input/optional)
    Electronic Program Guide.
    DiSEqC 1.0 & or DiSEqC 1.2
    Flash memory 4MB
    DDR RAM 128MB (DDR400 16MX16) X 4ea
    Universal Remote Control
    Smart Card Reader (Option)
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. Batman's Avatar
      Batman -
      I really wanna get this...but is it gonna be zapped just like my CS-500 ??
      and how long is average wait for the fix?
    1. Batman's Avatar
      Batman -
      I'm gonna get this model..but someone told me that i have to change my dish. I have CS 5000 right now. Do I have to change it?
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