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  • Captiveworks CW 650 Black & Silver Review

    The CaptiveWorks 600 Premium was the best selling receiver ever on Elitesat.ca and we are happy to introduce its replacement the 650 Classic. The 650 Classic has all of the same features you are used to in the 600 premium but it has a very stylish case and it comes in two colours.
    *NOTE* - We will try to accomodate colour preferences but they are not guaranteed. If you prefer one colour over the other please indicate in the notes section during checkout which you would like. It comes in silver and black.
    Elitesat.ca is a website listed Authorized Volume Distributor of CaptiveWorks so you are guaranteed to be receiving an authentic product. Also feel free to contact us with wholesale inquiries.


    • MPEG-2 Digital and Fully DVB-S Compliant
    • SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/KU band Satellite
    • User Friendly OSD Menu with Full Function
    • Installation by Easy Setup Guide
    • 100 Satellites, 6000 Channels and 5000 transponders
    • Brilliant on Screen Graphic
    • Small Picture in Graphic and Zoom Function
    • 8 Favourite Groups and Parent Lock Function
    • EPG, including 7 days
    • Supports Diseqc 1.0/1.2/1.3(USALS) and 22 KHz Tone
    • RS232 Port for Additional Information Service and Upgrading Software
    • Universal Remote Control (TV/VCR/DVD/STB)
    • S-Video Output
    • Multi Pictures Selection 4/9/10/12/13/16
    • Multi Languages: English/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Arabic/Turkish/Persian/Dutch

    Free Bonus Items:
    • 4 in 1 Diseqc Switch
    • RS232 Data Transfer Cable
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