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  • SKYVIEW MAX 2000 Review

    SKYVIEW MAX 2000SKYVIEW MAX 2000, The Skyview Max 2000PVR comes with the best hardware upgrades. The Max 2000 has in it, one of the fastest CPU's ever placed in a FTA receiver, with a 240MHZ processor it will leave the other FTA brands in its dust. The Skyview max 2000PVR is not like the Conexant based PVR's that are sloppy when recoding and don't offer the end user to record and play video back on a PC, the Skyview max with the latest STi5100 can record 2 channels and play another different channels of programming at the same time, making it the best FTA receiver in north America. PRODUCT FEATURES

    DVB & MPEG-2 Compliant)

    Receivable from C/Ku band

    Brilliant PIG and User Friendly Menu & ICON

    Component Video Y, Pb, Pr

    S/PDIF Optic

    Dual channels are recording while watching dual channels with external HDD

    Powerful support of recording and play-back for scrambled channels.

    3 channels are descrambling at the same timer

    Advanced PIP(picture in picture) function

    Animated GUI

    Support MP3 decoding

    S-Video Output

    Support USB 2.0 (Host) for the Digital Camera, MP3 palyer and USB Memory Stick

    Advanced Time-shift function with external HDD

    Support DiSEqc 1.2 / USALS

    Support enhanced EPG with the PVR features

    Support EPG data recording to the external HDD for the prompt checking

    Real time Clock embedded

    Support 7 Day EPG

    Blind Scan

    Closed Caption Support
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