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  • Digiwave 7000 Review

    Digiwave 7200S

    ----Compatible with DG7000 software and tools.
    ----High Quality FTA Receiver.
    ***Full EPG---7 days EPG
    ***2mb Flash Rom for Fast GUI, channel changing and satellite search
    ***MultiSat Search
    ***S-Video Out
    ***Optical Audio Output
    ***Easy-to-use Interface
    ***4000 Channels Programmable
    ***Fast Channel Scan & Change
    ***Picture in Graphics (PIG) support
    ***Conax CA-7 Embedded

    General Features

    - EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
    - Full Compliant of MPEG-2 Digital & DVB broadcasting
    - 950 - 2,150 MHz input Frequency (IF Loop Throughout)
    - Variable Input Symbol Rate (1-45 Msps)
    - Multi Language OSD (11)
    - Automatic PAL/NTSC Conversion
    - Fast Channel Change
    - 4,000 Channels TV & Radio Program
    - Flexible reception of SCPC & MCPC from C/Ku-Band Satellites
    - S/PDIF (Digital Audio or Dolby AC3 Stream out)
    - Timer Function (Automatic Turn On/Off by Setting Function)
    - 256 Colors (Graphic User Interface) Number
    - PIG (Picutre in Graphic)
    - 5 Favorite List & Unlimited Programs per each
    - Powerful Channel Editing Function
    - Sorting: Alphabetic, Satellite, FTA/Scramble, Parental Lock
    - Move, Delete, Favorite Edit
    - Parental Lock, Channel Rename, Channel Skip
    - Manual PID / Satellite & TP / Network Scan
    - Smart Search
    - Satellite Scan - Simultaneous Scan with 4 Satellites
    - DiSEqC 1.2 and 1.3 Control Compatible (STAB USALS)
    - Capable of Setting the Frequency for SMATV System
    - Software Upgrade via RS-232C (Receiver to Receiver, PC to Receiver)

    cULus Aprroval

    Digiwave 7000 is very similar to coolsat 4000
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