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Thread: Coolsat 7000 General Question

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    Coolsat 7000 General Question

    Hello i recently purchased a coolsat 7000, I want to get familar with how the system works. For example what do i need to run the coolsat to make all the channels appear and not become scramble. When i first received the coolsat i uploaded the newest software i could find it seemed to work for a week or so, now some channels appear scrambled i.e vu channels ect. I asked around and people mentioned a variety of different informations such as bins, key codes, or new software to make this scrambled channel disapear. Is it possible for some one to advice me how to go about this and what i need to do in the future, as in to keep looking for software, or what Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Coolsat 7000 General Question

    Is it just a problem with my receiver is is the
    Coolsat 7000 fix nov 23-2007 CS7000_NORW_V124

    file not wokring for the coolsat 7000? any advice

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    Re: Coolsat 7000 General Question

    i have had my cs 7 for about 2 months now iv been happy with it so far right now they are down fixes r coming the latest factory is 111 witch should be done before every new fix/bin file is put on also do factory reset before and after loading it then you will need lattest norw fix sould be out in a few days hopfully. also the last few fixes autoroll has been a bet off and you have to shut down by mens of the mane switch in the back for about 10 sec if you need further help loading and seet up just ask

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