1) Download and unzip both the ( COOLSAT7000_FAC_V0111) and NorW latest release

NOTE: ALL NorW bins and or Factory bins Must NOT be in a Zip file or any other file when put onto your flash drive !

2) Put your flash drive in the USB port on your computer right click on both files and then
select (Send To) on the dropdown list. Select (removable Disk) and click on it. The files should now be on your
coolsat flash drive

3) With your receiver already turned on plug your coolsat flash drive into the USB port on the back of your
coolsat 7000 receiver.

4) The software Update screen will pop up on your TV. with your remote select the Coolsat_7000_Fac_V111
file then click the RED button above the UP button on your remote.and then the OK button.
When it is finished loading your receiver will reboot and then go into standby mode.
Remove your USB Flash Drive

5) Click the Red button on the top of remote to turn receiver On and click Menu on your remote and then go to Installation
screen and select System Recovery and select System restore to Factory default when the factory reset is finished set the
Language of choice and then set your time zone. After setting the time zone the receiver will ask if you want to
Auto detect your satellites and switch settings. Say NO at this time !

6)When your receiver reboots into standby mode Click the Red button on the top of remote to turn receiver On Once
On Put your USB Flash drive back in your receiver and Repeat the First 5 steps to load the Coolsat7000_NorW bin !

5b) BUT this time say YES to Auto Detect and it will auto set your LNB type and switch settings and then scan
All the satellites your pointed at !