Rq-sssp 1.04 for coolsat

Here is the newer version of the program. Testing it and it's working. Has some improvements:

2010-04-08 v1.04
- Added a new configuration parameter to set the timeout for receiving control
words from server (control_words_timeout). Check rq-sssp-client.conf for

- Added a port for OpenWRT routers that use the Atheros chipset
- Added a port to ARM EABI architecture (rq-sssp-client.plug). This port runs on
Plug Computers (plugcomputer.org), such as the SheevaPlug.

- Added a port to the BeagleBoard (rq-sssp-client.beagle). Check out beagleboard.org
It is untested as of this release, please test and report your results.

- NOTE: The OpenWRT Broadcom binary has been renamed to rq-sssp-client.openwrt-bcm947xx

- NOTE: Starting from this release, I won't be including the libstdc++.so.6
file (needed for the router binaries). I suggest you install the Standard C++
Runtime Library using the package management system of OpenWRT, as this is the best
way. There's a way to do it through its web interface or command-line. Look into it.