How To Set up a Dish500


Follow these directions carefully, How to setup your Dish500 Legacy or DPP Dish, with a few simple steps.

Note: If you have your Dish setup already, do the following. Next make sure there are (no) obstruction, like tree's in your (line of site), pick you location carefully using a cheap compass to find your Azimuth, location.

1) Check here for your setup angles to calculate your Dish angles, write down these numbers on a piece of paper so you can have them while setting the dish up.
Look here to calculate your Az/Elev/Skew:
Satellite look-angle calculator

2) Unhook all connections to your LNBs, including all cables and switches.
3) Next, loosen the bottom 2 bolts that hold the dish from turning side to side, and then set the dish to a 90% degree angle, straight up and down.
4) Next, connect the RG6 cable to the (LEFT HAND LNB) when standing behind the dish. This is 119.0w, follow your look up Azimuth to point your dish in the general direction your dish needs to point.

Note: do not worry about skewing the dish at this time.

5) if using a (DiSEqC 4X1 switch), connect the RG6 cable to port [1] of the switch at this time.
6) if you have use of a satellite finder, connect it to the out port of the switch, then from then port of the meter, now.
7) connect the RG6 cable from the Out of the meter, or the out port of the diseqc switch, to the FTA Receiver now.
Note: please make sure you have the power to the unit (off) at this time of connection, if (not) you can fry the switch.
8) Next, after you have made all connections to the dish, and you have all the correct files needed on your FTA receiver, turn on the unit, to your Antenna Setup for EchoStar 7, make sure the LNB power is on to the LNBs.
9) if using the signal (sound) go to (Options) and turn your LNB tweak sound to (on) position now, this will give you a sound (tone), just like a meter, if you do not have one to use.
10) Turn the dish until you get the MAX, (signal) and Quality to 119.0w, you possible can at this time, now tighten the bolts down finger tight, you might need to tweak the dish again in a few moments.

Next: Setting up 110.0w with your dish500 Legacy or Pro LNB twin Dish, continued.

1) Now with your Azimuth, and Elevation and Skew written down on paper, check that you have setup the first to, azimuth, side by side, (south to west), the Elevation, (up) and (down) to bring the best signal you can for your location.
2) Next, unloosen the bolts to the skew on the dish, less then finger tight, so your able to turn the dish, ( like a steering wheel), (clockwise, and counter-clockwise).
3) Next, hook up the LNB on the (right side) on the dish this is 110.0w, to your signal meter, or your diseqc switch 4x1, on port [2], also making sure you have the power (off) to the FTA unit the whole time you are changing the LNB's on any RG6 cable from one port to the other.
Note: Never use RG59 cable for your dish setup at any time outside.
4) Next per-set your skew to the angle on your paper your wrote down at the beginning of this setup, Now it time to turn your receiver power back on, next change it to EchoStar 8,10 for the next steps to continue.

Note: for all Ku band dishes, they always rotate clockwise, so looking at your skew angle.
5) if it is 38 degree's, slowly turn the dish clockwise until you get to 38, degree's always watching your signal meters hand move up in gain, or your sound tone get louder on your receiver, both do the same thing.
6) Repeat this action until you peak out the dish to the MAX signal, and quality on 110.0w.
7) Next, turn thru power off once more and connect the meter, or switch directly to the RG6 cable running to your FTA receiver now, turn power back on , next go to antenna setup again and check your signal on both 119/110 at this time, making sure all connections are finger tighten only, on the dish, and the cables.
8) you may still need to tweak the dish out, by rotation of the dish (right or left), or even up and down at this time, but try to get the maximum signal you possible can during setup.
9) Once you have the Dish500 set to EchoStar 7, 8 and 10, it now time to setup all your channels and features on your system, the dish part is finished.
10) Finally check with a 7/16 inch wrench and tighten all connections, the dish and Rg6 cables to finish up.