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Thread: New Satellite Tripod Aims For Better Aiming

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    New Satellite Tripod Aims For Better Aiming

    New Satellite Tripod Aims For Better Aiming

    Satellite manufacturer TV4RV has introduced a heavy-duty tripod specifically designed to better support and aim HD satellite d*shes, TV4RV announced April 10.

    The aluminum tripod supports d*shes with a mast size of either 1 5/8" or 2" diameter and a weight of up to 35 pounds. Additional features include – H&G’s eZEE-AIM tripod system and Coleman’s lensatic compass.

    “Most people make the mistake of holding the compass near the d*sh and try to point the d*sh in the same direction the compass needle is pointing.

    The d*sh is made of steel, which deflects the compass needle a bit, and gives a false reading. That is why the satellite never seems to be exactly where you point the d*sh. Our alignment systems use the compass to pre-align our aluminum tripod, well away from the d*sh, and give a very accurate alignment,” said George Guevin, founder and president of TV4RV, in a statement.
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