i am letting the group know of my adventure with a s***choice dish and making it work on 110 + 119 ,could also be used on 82 + 91
i did not put a lnb holder on the end of the arm , i just replaced the old lnb with the circular type.
i then took the arm off the dish and drilled a 1/4 hole approx 2 1/2 inches from the original hole that mounts the arm to the dish, then drew lines from one hole to the other and used a drill with a small metal cutting disc to cut out the metal between the two holes , then reinstalled the arm on the dish ,but remember not to tighten up the nut to tight as you need to be able to slide the arm,i then spent a few minutes fine tuning the arm length as to get the best signal possible.
when you have the best signal possible tighten up nut and you are done.
with this set up i have 110 pulling 75% quality and 75% signal
i then used a small piece of 1/2 copper pipe approx 6" and used a steel band clamp that attached the pipe to the underside of the arm and then i used a second clamp with a 1/4 x 3" bolt and a couple of nuts and then fine tuned where the second lnb would need to be for the best position.
two nuts works for the height and being able to twist the clamp forward ans backwards worked works for getting the angle you should need.
hope this helps someone out there.

happy testing