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Thread: dreambox how too channel

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    dreambox how too channel

    guys have problems understanding some of the instructions and programs needed for each task so here i comes!! make sure you save a copy of this!!
    i'll start like you just bought the box!
    to stop a rolling screen press arrow on remote to the right until you see it stop, select and save. set time and 2 satellites via desqc

    programs needed
    flash wizard(fw2 file loader)
    drembox control center DCC(emu and other files loader)
    dreamup universal(image loading)
    dream edit (channel editing)

    1-First follow these instructions
    the first step is to find your ips for pc and box. for windows xp go to start / run and type cmd and a black window is going to open where the line is blinking type ipconfig/all and press enter this is gonna bring all ips write them down you're goin to need them (ip address for your pc) (net mask for dreambox)(default gate way for router) you have to verify the communication is set correctly go to tv, menu, scroll to the right and find the wrench or 2 gears press OK go down to expert press OK select communication setup, press OK change the netmask to values you got from pc (the one you wrote down) and enter it exactly how it was, go down to name server and type your ip address(the one you got from pc) then go to gateway and type the same as name server make sure you have port 80 on the lower window on the upper bottom DHCP remove check mark, check enable network press green button to save and exit to main screen turn off receiver and unplug wait and plug it back in after all this go back to using dreambox control center program open it with the box connected through cad5 cable only, under the dreambox option right below dreambox picture"search" press it and is going to give you some ips for the box only, pick one double click on it to put it under dreambox window, write it down and go back to receiver press menu scroll to right find wrench or gears /OK /expert setup/communication setup/and enter the ip you save from under dreambox window "at dreambox control center" the one you just added under dreambox ip (last one you wrote down) and enter it on the very first option at the top "IP" press green button save /exit to main menu unplug and plug back in ,close dream control center and reopen it and check for the green lines if there all green it means you are connected however you're not using this program for the flash it was just to check communication, now you need to open flash wizard program and load the image (wanted image followed by emu you want), press install a firmware is the first option on top, click drag & drop and find the file (or any working image fro dmb ) you need to do this using a cad 5 cable (looks like a phone cable)
    is going to ask if you're sure you want to load press yes and wait about 5 min.after completed reboot receiver and watch tv!!!!! remember that my flash is going to install the ips iam using on my setup so once you get my flash on your box you have to re enter the ips you had before you uploaded my flash or you wont be able to send anything else to the box. easy haa!!!!!!!!!

    If your receiver has a rolling screen is because is setup using pal image(Europe) to stop it just press right arrow on remote until you see it stop (NTSC) save and exit..

    2-make sure receiver is unplugged. Here you're going to load your image using dreamup universal, double click on dreamup and a window will open then click connect and wait for the message box is alive and speaking to us, click on flash and select the image wanted(dsmremaster beta2..) double click on it if you're prompted OK press OK or just press install then wait for about 5 to 9 minutes to load image...
    3-connect receiver to tv. and enter the ips you got from the first step double check DCC AFTER YOU CHANGE IPS to make sure your communication settings are correct! very important or you wont go any further!! the first ip is the receivers IP, netmask is the same as you got from pc. name server(your pc ips) gateway the same ip as sever.. press green button and exit
    4-open DCC AND MAKE SURE ALL LINES ARE GREEN n not you're settings are wrong so go back and play with it!!!
    5-if you got it going, load a sat file which has all american sats, in the file section(if you are using dishpro lnb you must use dp channel list if you're using legacy you must use legacy) open dreamedit program and click on open folder and find channel list to be loaded, double click and press ok then press ftp on program and a secondary window will open press send to dreambox wait and press reload tab wait until is ready 2 or 3 seconds by this time the channel list is in your box this installs the sat automatically..
    6-now make your antenna settings go to tv/receiver/menu/setup/OK/service searching/satellite config/if a disecqc is being used and 2 sats select 2satellites via diseqc A/B/press green button on remote to save/select #1 sat 119 and 110 or whichever sats your are using(am going for the most common sats and settings) once you select the sats press/green to save,go back up and go into the sats again and select standard north america config/and you will see the sats you selected make sure the lnbs settings are correct 119 lnb 0=(to port 1 on db 0 is equal to port 1) 110 lnb1 = to port 2
    22hrtz hi/lo on both voltage h/v on both also now highlight lnb0 and press enter under LOF?HV make sure is 11250 and lnb is 0 then press blue button
    and check (tone burst none) (diseqc mode version 1.0) (diseqc parameter A/A) press green button to save and do the same for 110 but remember the lnb will change to 1 and desqc parameter will be A/B after this you're ready to start loading your emu. before you continue check the signal this will tell you if the settings are correct..
    7-open DCC and press FTP
    8-double click on TMP folder a window will open, on your right you need to look for the emu currently working(opencamd 1.3.0.tar.gz) if is zipped(compressed) you need to decompress it, you may get either a folder or a file ending on opencamd1.3.0.tar.gz (this is how you want it) if is a folder go in the folder and find it in the if it looks unzipped but it has the extension tar.gz that is fine!! Highlight it and press the arrow in the middle to transfer it to receiver
    9- once is transferred right click it and select attributes/OK/755/OK/save and exit
    10-then go to main window again and find the keys folder
    double click it and check to see if you have a file name Keylist.txt and Autoupdate.Key if you don't you need to load them
    11- this is how to load them, go to the right of the window and find the file downloaded from the site , highlight and press arrow to transfer then select file transferred and right click/select attributes select 755 press OK and exit
    12- now the rest is done using the remote control, press green button select manual addons ,select emu and press green to install save and exit to main window "TV. screen"
    13- press blue button to make sure the emu you just installed is activated if it's not you will see,just press arrow on remote to the right or left and find it, once you find it press blue button again to activate if it doesn't stay in that window go to tv and set receiver to a channel for example ppv 505 and let it sit there and redo step 13 again once you get it to stay there you're ready to go save exit and let the keys roll for about a minute may be a little more and the picture should pop right in!!

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    Re: dreambox how too channel

    Buttman I will be stickying this thread so it will be easyer to find...

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    Re: dreambox how too channel

    Hi, Good Day to you.
    Is there a similiar document for the Dreambox DM100S??

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