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Thread: DVD/VCR recorder/player with old analog TV or new HD TV via antenna

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    DVD/VCR recorder/player with old analog TV or new HD TV via antenna

    I receive TV through an antenna on my roof. I don't want to get cable or a DSS. I'm cheap.

    I'm ignorant of this stuff. I have a new flat screen HD TV that is lovely. I have my old analog VCR hooked up to it and use it as a player only. I had a nice DVD/VCR HD recorder/player with tuner hooked up to my old analog TV. I watched the TV and recorded stuff through this.

    Said DVD/VCR just died and I find that buying another one with a tuner is impossible, unless I get a used one or a refurbished one or get a hard drive/dvd combo with tuner for $1000 or more. As I said, I'm cheap.

    I can get a converter box and a DVD/VCR for the analog TV. My questions is about the new flatscreen HD TV. Can I get a new HD DVD/VCR combo without a tuner, hook it up to the HD TV and program it to record from the 30 or so digital TV channels I now receive through my antenna?

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    Re: DVD/VCR recorder/player with old analog TV or new HD TV via antenna

    You said..."I had a nice DVD/VCR HD recorder/player" <- your words......from where you got this one????? I have not seen just HD DVD/VCR combo and to go more their is no such a thing called HD VCR, VCR and analog system is becoming the thing of the past, if you own some VHS just enjoy watching them til they become useless. LOL playing with electronics and trying to mix analog with digital and high definition...may be but not me.

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