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Thread: Kutcher's 'Men' deal is for one year

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    Kutcher's 'Men' deal is for one year

    LOS ANGELES, -- Ashton Kutcher has only signed on as the co-star of the U.S. sitcom "Two and a Half Men" for a year, sources told The Wall Street Journal.
    Former "Men" star Charlie Sheen was fired earlier this year, halfway through Season 8, because of his drug use and erratic behavior.
    The producers of "Men" announced this month Kutcher, who starred in the hit comedy series "That '70s Show," had been hired to replace Sheen.
    However, many details regarding the deal were not disclosed to the public.
    The Journal cited unnamed sources familiar with the pact as saying Kutcher is only contracted to appear on the show through Season 9. Kutcher is expected to be paid about $20 million to appear in between 22 and 26 episodes.
    Because CBS has licensed the show for only one additional year, it is unclear whether it will renew the show further, cancel it, seek to extend Kutcher's contract or find another actor, the newspaper said.

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    Re: Kutcher's 'Men' deal is for one year

    Finally over, that was torturing. He was so bad at this role, it is just not for him.
    But anyway there were some good episodes, but not even close to old ones with Charlie.
    I was sad when I saw that he rejected to play in last episode, but I understand.
    Also stupid end:/

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