How to program a Fortec Ultra:

Depending on your receiver you need a serial cable of some sort. Usually a RS-232C(crossover or straight-through) 9-pin D-type connector or DB-9.

You also need the latest here and the latest bin file for your receiver again this is depending on your receiver.

How to find your bin file.

1) Click "Main Forums" top middle of this or any page on this site.

2) Find "Satellite / FTA" forum click your receiver brand then model number the latest bin will be located here.

3) Extract the .zip or .rar file in a place you will remember it.

4) You can get WinZip here and Winrar here

How to update you bin.

1) Plug in the serial cable to your receiver and to the back of your computer.

2) Plug the receiver power in to the wall outlet and turn it on.

3) Load Blacklist Updater 1.4 or higher.

4) Select the right "com Settings" com1 or com2 is the usual choice.

5) Click "select Bin" and locate the bin you downloaded earlier. I hope you remember where you extracted it? (note it is a bin & NOT zip file)

6) Then click "Write Bin" you should see the front display on you receiver count up from 0 to 100 as well as on the Blacklist updater.

7) Once you get the "complete" message from blacklist updater you can unhook your receiver, not before or you may cause permanent damage.

Warning: Update your receiver at your own risk! If you are not sure what you are doing don't do it! Make sure you have the right bin file for you receiver or you may damage your receiver!