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Thread: Is DN down for good

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    Is DN down for good

    My dish went out last night and new codes dont work at all.
    Is any one else haveing problems

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    Re: Is DN down for good

    Mine seem to still be working. Make sure that your auto role is off. Then re-enter your keys. Some times you may need to turn off the receiver in the back. This will reset the program. Mine will freeze up some times. I know that the keys from this websit are slow. I use two key graber programs, to get the keys faster, when I need to check my keys. Good luck.
    Last edited by skyenergy; September 11th, 2007 at 07:26 PM.

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    Re: Is DN down for good

    There are new bin files out to fix the autoroll issue. If your receiver does not have a new bin file out yet, turn off autoroll then input the new keys. Should stay stable until DN rools the keys again.

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