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Thread: Please explain modules

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    Junior PBP Member PBP New Member Rank 5 tomuch's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
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    Please explain modules

    Noob here,

    I was reading that the Freesat 800 HD can use a 8psk board.

    From what I read some brands overheat and burn up, it was recommended that the

    use of nfusion all in one board be used to prevent heat and failure issues.

    What is different about nFusion 8psk board or all in one that is different?

    How to verify good from junk?

    Thank you

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    Probationary PBP Member PBP New Member Rank 1 doctordishhead's Avatar
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    May 2012
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    freesat 800 hd
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    pentuim 5
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    4 gig asus mpeg 4
    win 7

    Re: Please explain modules

    the 200psk has had trouble it has half the life of a 900 psk module your best bet after taking out the module lifting it carefully out on the right side next to the ethernet port whether its green standard or red which is 200 psk and put the 900 psk module in it has heat sinks on both chips and is able to displace heat from the module of course youll have to use a short cable from the loop to the 900 psk and cable from your fta lnb will plug into top coax connector good luck mate !!

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